The next blogger taking part in this Friday's Blogger Battle is twenty-four year old Audrey Rogers, who runs the blog Frassy. From style icons to her Plan B job, read on to discover more about this stylish fashionista.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Audrey Rogers. I am a 24 year old American currently living in Paris. I adore clothes, photography, literature, champagne and Pomeranians.

Explain your blog to us.

I started my blog back in 2008 while I was studying at Durham University - I was looking for a creative pursuit outside of my degree. Since then, I am a full time fashion blogger, Frassy documents my personal style on a daily basis.

Tell us about your personal style.

My personal style is totally sporadic - I don't stick strictly to one style or one specific look. I like to try everything!

Who is your biggest style icon and why?

Catherine Baba is probably one of my biggest fashion icons - she always looks incredibly naturally chic!

If you weren't a fashion blogger, what would your dream Plan B job be?

I would love to be a party planner, the only thing I love more than clothes is a good party!