Following on from yesterday's Blogger Battle post, which kicks off over at Fashiolista this Friday, we catch up with yet another brilliant blogger taking part in the stylish showdown. This time we talk to Norwegian womenswear blogger, Hilde Kristiansen, who runs the delightful Denoto blog. You can also find out more about Kristiansen in our latest My Secret post.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Hilde Kristiansen and I live in Oslo, Norway.

I'm a creative, aesthetically driven person. I've been in love with fashion since I was a little girl, and now that I'm 32 years old I know that this passion has come into my life to stay.

I have another passion as well, which is animals and animal welfare. I have a dog called Ruby, and she's the coolest and most wonderful creature ever. Actually, I suspect she's an angel in a very hairy outfit.

We have so much fun together, thanks to her I play and laugh every day.

Explain your blog to us.

I started my blog because I needed a place where I could combine some of my main interests, which are fashion, photography, design, illustration and writing.

Suddenly I realised there was a media where I could do all the fun things in one place.

When I started I was really shy, and I didn't post pictures of myself or even use my name. Five years later my blog has changed and I'm not so shy anymore.

I post outfit pictures, clothes that I design and sew, DIY projects, drawings, snapshots from events and stuff that inspires me.

Tell us about your personal style.

My style is very simple and laid back. The Scandinavian in me loves clean lines and I avoid using a lot of accessories.

That said, I have a playful side as well and I like to try new things. A combination of simple pieces and something that brings that little extra attitude is typically me.

Who is your biggest style icon and why?

I'm very facsinated with Parisian women. They have such an understated but still elegant style.

I've noticed that they look very natural, even though they make an effort with hair and make-up the result looks effortless.

I like how they wear jeans and a basic shirt in combination with perfect shoes, in Paris people always wear nice shoes.

And there's something about the Parisian girls that seem a bit mysterious to me, it's like they possess a combination of qualities that makes them seem both cool and laidback but also very feminine. It's something about the attitide.

Emmanuelle Alt and Caroline de Maigret are exellent examples of French woman with great style.

If you weren’t a fashion blogger, what would your dream Plan B job be?

I've studied fashion design, and my dream job has always been to work as a designer.

I've had the chance to design and produce a mini collection for the Scandinavian brand Bik Bok, and I discovered that I love the design process even more than I thought I would.

I truly felt like that type of work is perfect for me. In the design process I got to use what I consider to be my personal strengths like inventiveness, the ability to make decisions and of course an understanding of trends, materials and colours.

A person who gets to use his or her strengths and passions in their everyday work is very lucky.

Check out Hilde Kristiansen's blog, Deneto.