Behind-the-scenes at our poolside shoot


We may not have dipped our toes in a glamorous rooftop pool to shoot our latest fashion feature, but our in-house studio - complete with stylish decking - was just the location to capture a slice of poolside cool. So we hot-footed it to London's W1 to snap away behind-the-scenes and bring you a little preview of our hottest shoot yet.

Our hair stylist gets to work on perfecting stylish beach hair. These minimalist locks should be as fuss-free as possible, so simply comb through and leave to tousle.

Our photographer captures the first poolside pose of the day.

Our make up artists' fave; the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick highlights subtle hints of bronze for the face and body.

Play with brighter shades on the eyes for a high summer look.

Nails were a hot, glossy and orange - the perfect contrast to azure waters.

Bright and bold colours rule the pool when it comes to holiday dressing.

Our stylist chose cool vintage sunglasses to finish each look.

And it's a wrap. After a full day's shoot, it's time to make our edits.

See the full shoot online this Friday.