Flicking through our new arrivals you'll not be able to miss the presence of one particularly impactful floral print. Bold, beautiful paintbrush blooms in lilac and rose, our Kandinsky print has been used across many silk pieces this season. Here's how it got there.

Modern Femininity is a strong theme for AW13 and so the prints of the season reflect this. The Kandinsky print was specifically inspired and named after the early 20th Century Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky, whose work under the Expressionist and Abstract movements led to the creation of our ‘Kandinsky’.

Working with vintage references, inspirations and sketches, these concepts were developed into an initial hand-drawing of the print which was later digitally printed. The result is a blooming floral print in a swirl repeat with beautiful strokes of lilac and lavender tones as well as vivid pops of hot pink.

The design and production teams then work through which pieces will feature the Kandinsky print and in which fabric. In this case, it is the Giselle dress in pure silk. But you can also find it on the Tulip shirt, Mimi top, Mason skirt and Alice maxi dress.