With a summer of sport ahead of us, it's only right that our windows should make reference to it, but in a suitably 'Reiss' fashion, of course. Adopting a stylish approach to all things sporty, our summer windows speak of energy, but with an unrivalled elegance.

The inspiration was to offer something different - we wanted a less obvious slant on sport with a vintage feel, so we looked back to traditional gymnasiums of the '60s and '70s.

These retro gyms seemed like nice places to be, so we took the inspiration and placed a luxury spin on it.

Installed into fifteen central London stores and our New York flagship, the set in each window was fully-commissioned to ensure we had a unique look which didn't scrimp on detail.

Our favourite part of the set is the luxurious cream leather volting horse with polished gold touches. This magnificent centre piece is based on an authentic Olympic model from the Sixties and gives the window a feeling of originality.

Alongside this stands a huge custom-built climbing frame with an oiled oak finish, as well as acrobatic swings and gymnastic rings in original hemp yachting rope for a classic feel.

The idea was to position our mannequins to interact with our set, not be separate entities, we wanted them to meet each other, so positioned them using the equipment.

And finally, the gold medal to the front of each window introduces our Reiss Guide to London. Free with any purchase, we share our insider knowledge, highlighting all our favourite places to eat, drink, sleep and shop in our wonderful capital.

A real winner of a window, we hope you like it.