Behind-The-Scenes: Wonderland Film


Renowned fashion magazine, Wonderland, have shot an exclusive video – reminiscent of the French film noir during the 1960s – to showcase our AW14 collection. Shot in simple black and white – with a decidedly vintage-inspired feel – an intimate narrative between a young couple unfolds, sound tracked by lilting French dialogue. Using a retro Super 8 camcorder, the male actor follows the female actor throughout the apartment – cutting quickly from one revealing shot to the next. Reversing roles, we then see the female actor as she becomes the director, and her male counterpart her muse, smoking a cigarette as he takes to the piano. Flitting between both points of view, each frame is a vivid portrayal of their intense relationship; going on to highlight certain aspects of their personalities. Co-produced by Nick Thompson and James Willis, and styled by Kusi Kubi, the film takes place in Bethnal Green’s Town Hall hotel, the minimalist interior – think high ceilings, wooden panelled walls and ornate windows – providing the perfect backdrop to the unfolding love story. Read on for our interview with Nick and scroll through our behind-the-scenes shots for a stylish insight into the film’s most memorable moments.

R-L: co-producers Nick Thompson and James Willis.

What is it that draws you to the French film noir of the 1960s?

We have always wanted to pay homage to French New Wave cinema, and when we got the opportunity to do so, it was quite obvious that Reiss fashion would work well for a film inspired by the genre.

Model wears our Bea bow embellished shirt and the Olivia tapered stripe trousers.

What inspired the use of the camera?

The film is based around memory, which in turn is heavily influenced by the way we document life through a camera. For example, everyone thinks that they can remember their first birthday, but this memory has more than likely been informed by photographs that your mum took.

When choosing the location, what were your main considerations?

The location had to look timeless and also give a sense of character to the lifestyle of which the two individuals are living.

Who do you think has the stronger storyline in the video and why?

Both characters make a strong impact. What we are seeing are the guy’s fleeting memories of the girl, and what we are hearing are unanswered messages from the girl, which makes him jealous, but also craving for her affection. There seems to be a sense of longing within both characters.

Model wears our Shore houndstooth roll neck jumper.

What do the outfits reveal in relation to the characters’ personalities?

We saw the guy as being a thinker, with quite a domineering presence. His character is mysterious and reassured. The styling is suave, sophisticated and features a lot of sharp tailoring. The girl is more playful, unpredictable and cat-like at times, but she also has a prominent presence. The fashion was more relaxed, so there was a carefree elegance to it all.

Model wears our Jackie monochrome stripe dress.