Fashion stylist, blogger, street style regular and author of the wildly-popular blog Look De Pernille, Pernille Teisbaek, takes our AW14 collection and gives it a coolly androgynous new spin in Styled By Pernille. Read on to see all of the behind the scenes action and discover all of the influences behind Pernille's styling.

Which of our brand values influenced your decision to style Reiss?

I think Reiss is an interesting brand. I visualised great synergies between Reiss and my own aesthetics and saw opportunities to influence the shoot’s visual output with my creative input.

What inspired your styling of our collection?

I wanted to create a Scandinavian take and inspiration for the Reiss girl by working with a simple colour-scale, lots of layering and mixing different textures. The look is effortless and luxurious with a classic twist to it that I really like - I also used some pieces from the men’s collection to bring in new silhouettes.

How do you begin the process of styling?

It was like being a kid in a candy store - I looked through both women's and men’s collections and chose many - too many - pieces that I really liked. Before this I had prepared a mood board, with my inspiration and theme for the shoot.

How much of your own personal style is present in your styling?

There are a few elements of my own styling in some of my work, depending on the theme. The big difference is that I can play more around with the styling on a model, creating looks that sometimes are more extreme or colourful.

Whose work most influences your styling?

I get inspired by many things: street style, campaigns, art, fashion stories and old icons like Jane Birkin or Coco Chanel.

What are the most important things to consider when styling?

I always like to have a clear idea of how I want the result to end up - it is teamwork between the photographer, makeup/hair artist, the client, the model and me. It is important that we are all on the same page to achieve the best result. With that said it is all about preparation for the shoot, it is important to have everything in place before starting.

What were your considerations/influences when conceiving the set/backdrop?

In this case it was where I began the process of styling - looking through the collection and choosing too many the items to use in the campaign.

Why do you want to make a move into styling?

I've been styling for many years now, having a background as a Fashion Director on several Danish fashion magazines, so it is something that comes quite naturally to me and an element that gives me a lot of energy and inspiration. It is something I will continue to do for many years to come.

What influenced your decision to move to New York?

I've always loved New York - the energy that I get when I set my feet upon ground in Manhattan is like nothing else. I'm going there to work on my writing, explore a new network and take my blog to the next level.

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