As Reiss Live continues, Audrey Rogers is our final guest blogger, reporting exclusively for us from Paris Fashion Week. Audrey lives in Paris where she writes her blog Be Frassy.

What do you love most and least during Paris Fashion Week?

The abundance of fashion people and parties are definitely my favourite aspects of fashion week. Also some of my best friends flock into town for the week, so it's always so great to catch up with them.

On the downside, my workload usually increases so I am rather stressed out and a little flustered. I find getting dressed for fashion week super difficult. I am not really organised enough to plan in advance, so usually just throw a bunch of stuff on and my apartment gets so messy. All those outfit changes plus so much work creates pure havoc!

What is your fashion week style?

I usually stay away from really high heels; I've learned that comfort is by far the most crucial component to any fashion week look. I also like to keep it minimal, so yesterday I wore Nikes and a leather skirt!

What are your must-have pieces for AW13?

Every autumn/winter I covet the same pieces - lots of butter soft leather and fluffy mohair coats. I am also on the lookout for some embellished boyfriend jeans - a slouchy pair covered in pearls or rhinestones.

Audrey wears our Mott jacket in grey, Davenport leggings in black, Kling top in black, Sage bag in black and Veronica boots in black.
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