The super-cute Audrey Rogers of fashion blog, Be Frassy, talks us through where to Eat, Drink, Sleep, Shop and See in her home city, Paris.


Bob's Kitchen: I like to come here for lunch and I always leave feeling totally nourished and rejuvenated. Fresh juices, veggie stews, wraps, salads - they even have green tea cookies! The menu is completely organic and 100% healthy. It's a great place to come on a hangover too - nothing like a bunch of vitamins to help get you back on track!

Blend: If I am craving something a little more greasy I'll go to Blend - home to the best burgers in Paris (or so my friends and I think so). A burger and fries will cost you an easy 15 euros, and they are just simply delicious. Be sure to try their homemade ketchup and sweet potato fries too.


Le Pompon: A regular hangout for me. It is a tradition for my nights out to start here. Beautiful decor, beautiful barmen and a great crowd. I always meet interesting people here. Good atmosphere upstairs, crazy dancing downstairs and a good place to start off your evening. Save Pompon for the weekends, during the week it can be a little too quiet.

Wanderlust: I absolutely adore this place in the summer, it has a huge open air terrace overlooking the seine, complete with djs and even a restaurant. Go before sunset and just chill out - awesome music and cute guys are almost guaranteed. What more could you want?!

Silencio: The interior, designed by David Lynch is crazy cool. I live 5 minutes from this club, so shamefully I am there more often than I should be! Saying that, I have met some seriously fun people here and Silencio has played host to some of my most hilarious night time memories. I suggest heading late and dressing the part!


Hotel Costes: An iconic hotel, especially during Fashion Week, I adore the location (rue saint honore) plus the bar and restaurant are just incredible. And be sure to check out the pool!

Hotel Amour: I like to come here for drinks & food with my friends - super close to Pigalle too, which is an area of Paris I always have fun in. The rooms are beautifully modern and given the name, a good place to stay with your boyfriend/husband!


Fleux: This awesome home decor store has me almost convinced that instead of shoes, I should be saving for statement pieces for my apartment, and that's not an easy sell, which is a tribute to how amazing this store is! Be sure to walk along the street to see all the different shops, which are spread out across from one another.

Les 3 Marches: Catherine B's vintage designer boutiques (stocking mostly Hermes & Chanel) will always remind me of the first time I came to Paris when I was 16. I cannot emphasise how beautifully-curated her shops are just overflowing with the most incredible Chanel bags. When I buy my next Chanel, it will definitely be vintage and will definitely be purchased from Catherine B!

Colette: This concept store is not world-famous for nothing. When entering, expect to go into a coma (probably induced by the heavenly trademark Colette scent that the store is infused with) and leave with the realisation that you have spent half your month's rent on candles, books and magazines.


Buttes Chaumont: The most beautiful (and biggest) park in Paris. Make a day out of it, take a picnic (or eat at the adorable cafe Rosa Bonheur, which turns into a bar and crazy club at night). Be sure to get up to the viewing tower too, where you can see the whole of Paris - including a great view of the Sacre Coeur.

Place des Vosges: Whenever I am missing London, I head to this square - the architecture is very regal and all red brick. Sit and enjoy a coffee or sunbathe on the grass, it's an ideal spot to go and relax after shopping in le marais.

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