Are you frantically racking your brain wondering how best to stave off the cold while looking stylish? Well, you're not alone. For most men, winter routinely brings with it a whole new set of challenges absent from the milder months. These sartorial woes chiefly concern layering. In theory it sounds great; pile on all of your favourite pieces, keep warm and send your cost-per-wear calculations plummeting. The reality though, is far from straightforward with colours, texture and shape all loudly tussling with each other. Then there are the matters of dressing for winter's social events and accessorising correctly. Here are six men (three from the past, three from the present)  who you can take inspiration from now.


TIP: When executed correctly, layering serves needs fashionable as well as functional

There are few famous men who feel so synonymous with great winter style as Robert Redford. Rollnecks, peacoats, cable knits, if it's a winter staple you can think of, you can be sure that there'll be a corresponding image of Robert Redford wearing it well.

Yes, there are many style lessons to be learned from this top ranking men's style icon, but for now take a lesson in layering. As deftly showcased above, good layering generally follows a set of rules; keep your layers unfussy (a shearling collar offers more than enough texture), colours should be kept pared-back (light or dark colours are less likely to causes disasters when paired together) and your fabrics should increase in thickness when layering.


TIP: Use accessories to add a well-placed accent of colour

Spring style, summer style, autumn style, winter style. There is no season that David Beckham fails to navigate with ease. No, he may not be the most original addition to a best-dressed list, but similarly, our list wouldn’t have felt complete without him.

What is it that Mr Beckham does so well to earn his spot on our list of winter’s best dressed men? In short, he’s an expert at shrewd accessorising. No stranger to donning a whole smorgasbord of heritage-inspired hats, he shows that even the most minimal of coats can be given new sartorial life by adding the right accessory here or there.


TIP: A rollneck jumper is this winter's undisputed all-rounder

Which wardrobe item will provide the nattiest way to stave off chilling conditions while laying claim to being menswear's most multifunctional knitwear? The rollneck jumper of course. And who better to demonstrate just why it’s such a winter must-have than Sir Michael Caine in his heyday? The actor drew on the style on many occasions, and as the above image attests, the look hasn’t dated one bit.

The key to Michael Caine’s enduringly appealing winter style? An appreciation of the fine balance between style and utility. Dressing for winter doesn't necessarily mean copiously layering. It can mean a change of approach. For example, as above, a rollneck jumper does away with the need for a scarf and can be worn with practically anything.


TIP: Invest in statement making outerwear, it's easier to pull off than you might think.

Being one half of one of the world’s best-dressed couples has its pros and its cons. On one hand, you can bask in the reflective glory of your impeccably dressed partner, on the other you run the risk of constantly being sartorially dulled by comparison. Luckily, more often than not model Johannes Huebl is a veritable match for wife Olivia Palermo. And while he contains that frustrating ability to dress well for just about any occasion, it’s his approach to dressing for winter that most piques our interest. After all, anyone who can consistently wear a gilet with tailoring on New York City’s streets without anyone batting an eyelid is worthy of our admiration.

Johannes Huebl is a master of unfussy winter style. Much of what he wears is subtly tasteful, but well-placed points of interest give his outfits just enough verve. Take the above pairing as case in point. A potentially attention-grabbing heritage houndstooth coat feels uncontrived when worn with pared-back shapes and colours. This is how to do statement layering quietly.


TIP: Embracing contrasting textures is the key to achieving an individual look.

Mick Jagger’s style needs little in the way of introduction or explanation. Reflecting the very same unpredictability that marked his personal affairs, at the height of his fame Mick Jagger’s wardrobe was perfectly befitting of one of rock and roll’s most charismatic performers.

Though many of his wardrobe choices are memorable (though often not so wearable for the man on the street) it is the image of a young Jagger - face circled by fur - that still inspires our winter wardrobes today.  Long before becoming shorthand for 90s Britpop, the fur trim of a parka jacket offered tactile interest to an otherwise utilitarian winter garment.

Follow the lead of Jagger this winter by using the parka jacket to add texture to your winter wardrobe, keeping things interesting by experimenting with texture combinations.


TIP: The winter is the only time of year you'll be able to pull off velvet.

Never mind the task of layering or finding the perfect coat, with invitations to formal events coming thick and fast, there’s not just keeping warm to think about in winter, but looking sharp too.

Is there anyone more appropriate to take inspiration from when it comes to eveningwear than Tinie Tempah? Illustrating just why it pays to stand out in a sea of black suits, the British rapper artfully toes the line between peacocking and paying attention to the dress code.

With an approach to eveningwear best described as formal with flair, Tine Tempah excels at wearing the velvet blazer well. Since winter is the only time of year you’ll realistically be able to pull off velvet, we recommend grasping the opportunity while you can. Be sure to remember that the velvet blazer itself is loud enough of a statement, so with the rest of your styling keep things simple.