Zara Martin is a TV presenter, actress and model based in London.

Your favourite Fashion Week Show ever?

Vivienne Westwood. I sat next to Pamela Anderson and tried to act super cool about it.  I probably (definitely) failed.

Which trend will you be trialling at Fashion Week?

The lots of jewelry trend? Haha. I’ve just done a really exciting collaboration which is coming out in May so definitely will be covered in it.  Other than that I’ll mainly be focusing on not falling over on the cobbles at Somerset House in ridiculous heels.

Name 5 people from your fantasy front row.

Steven Tyler

Helena Bonham-Carter


Carmen Della Orefice

David LaChapelle

Which show are you most excited to see?

Mulberry.  It’s always so much fun, there is thought put into every detail and the set design is beautiful.

Tell us your favourite anecdote about fashion week?

I had to change between these 2 shows last season and found what I thought was a ‘quiet corner’ at the BFC show space. In reality, it was neither quiet, nor a corner...  More a GIANT WINDOW.  At least 20 people saw me naked.  Actually am I even allowed back this year?