5 questions with... Jen Ford


We caught up with Fashion News & Features Director of Lucky Magazine, Jen Ford during NYFW to ask her our five Fashion Week questions.

Fashion News & Features Director of Lucky Magazine, Jen Ford

What's your favourite ever Fashion Week show?

Of all the fashion weeks, I have two and both are Alexander McQueen. I was studying at Central Saint Martins in London when I blagged my way into one of Alexander McQueen's early ones. It was my first fashion show ever. A few years later — with a proper job, and a proper invite — his autumn 2006 show with the hologram of Kate Moss. Season after season, his work took my breath away.

Which trend will you be trialling at Fashion Week?

Pastels, teamed with a heavy dose of black.

Who are the 5 people on your fantasy front row?

Sophia Coppola, Lou Doilon, Leighton Meister, Julia Roitfeld, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Which show are you most excited to see?

Too many to choose just one! I am like a kid in a candy store during NYFW. But I do go week in the knees for Preen and I love the excitement at Marc Jacobs.

Tell us your favourite Fashion Week anecdote.

My favorite story would be the time I flew to LFW, got caught in a snowstorm so it took us 19 hours to get to London, my luggage was left in NYC and I literally lived off the kindness — and samples! — of my PR and designer friends for the week who lent me clothes and gave me beauty products. I was the most on-trend girl of the week…