5 Questions With...Carly Steel


US TV Host Carly Steel, gives us the low down on her Fashion Week favourites...

What's your favourite ever Fashion Week show?

My favorite Fashion Week show ever was Gwen Stefani's first show which I saw when I was working at Vogue - more for the spectacle of it, than the fashion. It was like going to a concert - the sets were so elaborate, amazing dancers and she drew an incredible crowd - everyone from Anna Wintour to Lenny Kravitz (who were seated together).

Which trend will you be trialling at Fashion Week?

The trend I'll be trialling at fashion week is 30s and 40s elegance. I think the costumes of Madonna's W.E. will serve as inspiration.

Who are the 5 people on your fantasy front row?

5 people on my fantasy front row would be Madonna, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga and Graham Norton

Which show are you most excited to see?

I'm most excited to see the Gen Art New Garde Fashion show presented by Crest 3D White as I'm hosting the official livestream from the red carpet and show with Whitney Port, and the emerging designers this year are amazing.

Tell us your favourite Fashion Week anecdote.

I have 2 favorite Fashion Week anecdotes - number 1 is attending my first ever show at New York Fashion Week - it was actually my first week at Vogue and as such I was already slightly nervous and it was the Heatherette show which was the wildest one of its time! I remember being in shock seeing Amanda Lepore and Kenny Kenny and all the club kids Richie Rich had in his designs coming down the runway as I had come from a really conservative, sheltered life in Scotland and at Durham University and had never seen anything like it. I felt incredibly out of my depth but now Richie is a friend and I love it and the more 'out there' and creative the show is, the better! My second favorite fashion week anecdote is when I went to the Diane von Furstenberg show and one of the beams fell down towards the end of the show on the runway (fortunately no one was hurt) but it was certainly dramatic and everyone had to scramble out - models and mayhem - fashion week at it's best!