Brunch at Bubba Gump's


Sunday is the perfect day for a lazy brunch, especially when it falls on a bank holiday weekend. But if your 'brunch' date is skirting dangerously close to the more traditional lunchtime, there's only one place we'd rather spend a relaxed Sunday afternoon. Bubba Gump on Santa Monica pier, L.A. is a world famous seafood restaurant, where the shrimp offerings are lip-smackingly good. During our recent visit to the legendary shrimp shack, the menu had us spolit for choice. Eventually plumping for the Shrimper's Heaven, these cute little cones were brimming with deep fried deliciousness that certainly hit the spot. All washed down with a refreshing beer, we took in the waves gently lapping the shore below and rounded the afternoon off with a walk along the sand. We can but California dream...