We find out what inspires this London-based fashion and lifestyle blogger and what she loves about the industry

There’s an ever-growing abundance of inspiration to be found when it comes to styling, which acts as proof that just about any collection is open to interpretation. For a fresh take on AW17, we invite Sarah Mikaela from fashion and lifestyle blog, Framboise Fashion to select her favourite pieces and curate them in a way that not only captures her personal aesthetic but her vision for the season. We ask what inspires her and what it’s like to be a blogger in London.

What does winter style mean to you?
I always place huge focus on outerwear in winter and make sure that I invest in a good coat. Once you’ve got that sorted I think you’ve jumped the first hurdle so I try to choose one that’s as practical as it is stylish. I need something that I know will be my go-to for the season and perhaps a further 2 or 3 for styling purposes. I’m also a trousers lover and winter styling lends itself particularly well to that.

How would you describe your personal style?

Casual and understated by day and in the evening I like to mix things up a bit. I love oversized silhouettes in premium fabrications. Silk and wool, for example, work to transform what could otherwise be quite a simple style and the overall effect is something beautifully effortless. When it comes to footwear, I live in boots by day but I’ll always wear heels for evening – it’s such a quick way to dress up a look and it adds a touch of glamour which I love.

Do you think this has evolved over the years and if so how?
Yes I think that happens quite naturally as you get older, move cities and generally grow as a person but I do think the fundamentals have stayed the same for me from day one. There’s always been an underlying reference to James Dean’s iconic style within my looks and also a hint of 1990s Julia Roberts. A tied shirt with straight-leg trousers, morning hair and natural make-up is what I feel comfortable and (perhaps ironically?) most feminine in. I use this as my starting point each season and from there I try to experiment with different colours and prints. It’s always fun when a new trend comes around – I don’t want to be wearing the same thing every day.

What are your top 3 winter wardrobe non-negotiables?

Outerwear is the ultimate but every winter wardrobe needs at least one good knit. Cashmere is worth the investment. Colour wise, I like burnt, autumnal shades but I also think that what works for you in summer can still be worn in colder climates – you just have to choose a duskier version. Lastly, a jumpsuit is an absolute must for me. It’s such an effortless way to make an impact for evening.

What are your key career highlights?

A lot of my favourite memories are related to travel – these are the moments that have made the biggest impression on me. Last year I went to Mauritius with a brand on my birthday and it meant that I got to shoot and explore a place I’d never been before, so that was pretty amazing. I also love being on set, though. Blogging is quite a solitary job at times. People do it differently to one another but I work alone quite a lot so it’s fun to be in a room with a load of other creative people.

How did you get into blogging and what do you love the most about your job?

I got into blogging 8 years ago before it was acknowledged as a profession. I was living in Denmark at the time and I learned the word ‘blog’ about a week before I set it up – it was a new concept but it was my way of having a little corner of the internet. I moved to London to go to university and the industry was growing so rapidly and the jobs I was getting becoming so serious that I was spending more time and effort on the blog than on my course. I took the plunge and made it a full time thing. I never knew I could start a business and that side of it is definitely the hardest thing that I’ve ever done but I am so glad I did it. I love it. I get to meet so many inspiring people and travel to amazing places. It’s fantastic to be able to have a voice in such a big industry.

What AW17 trends will you be buying into this season?

The velvet trend is something that I am so glad comes back around every winter. It feels so indulgent. Texture is a key look this season and I love the way that devoré detailing subtly updates a classic piece like the playsiut. Colour-wise, it’s all about red – the bolder the better. My one piece of advice here would be; don’t be afraid to wear it from head to toe but make sure you choose silhouettes that you feel comfortable in so that you can wear it with confidence

What’s next for the blogging world?

It’s crazy to see how the industry has evolved over the years. It’s constantly changing and it will continue to change just so long as technology is developing. Now, the really exciting thing is that bloggers get to collaborate with brands so much more. The rise of social media means that a lot of people have abandoned or closed down their blogs and websites to focus solely on that, but I see it as a way of displaying the skills that I have. Whilst I am an influencer, my blog remains to be the most important part of my work. It’s mine and it’s a personal reflection of my aesthetic.