How To Wear This Season’s It Colour


Fashion influencer Anisa Sojka reveals how berry, blush and blossom pink pigments play an indispensable role in her AW18 wardrobe

Forget your preconceptions about pink. Rosé and berry hues are having a reputable fashion moment that extends from work, to weekend wardrobes and everything in between. To demonstrate, we asked fashion influencer and colour enthusiast Anisa Sojka to style her favourite pieces from our AW18 collection. Plus, she reveals her expert advice how to dress this potentially polarising shade for any occasion.  

How do you choose which shade looks best on you?
My skin tone is quite olive so I try and remix my pastels with bolder colours to make sure they don’t wash me out.

How does wearing pink make you feel?
In a dress or blouse, pink shades make me feel feminine and quite girly. But, in a suit? I feel empowered and strong; the silhouette totally changes how the colour is perceived.

What are some of your rules when wearing pink?
You don’t want to overload on colour. Have a statement piece and then balance it with more neutral or contrasting accessories. Start small and work your way up to a tonal look.

Do you think this shade works well in all settings?

I find that lighter or duskier hues work best during the day when I’m at work or off-duty. I like to wear bolder shades in the evening as they make more of an impact.

What’s the best way to adopt this season’s It colour into your wardrobe?

Try and use pink as the 'pop of colour' in your outfit. For example, a monochrome suit with a pink shirt or blouse will help lift the entire look.