Reiss Jewellery


A distinctive Art Deco-inspired chain features on Reiss handbags and shoes. Now, it appears reinvented as contemporary jewellery.

This house-designed chain appears as earrings, bracelets and necklaces, styled amongst our muted colour palette and silhouettes of enduring appeal.

The Art Deco lines, sharp angles and flat volumes are rendered in brass, plated in gold and then given a unique satin-like finish that is soft and pleasant to look and touch.

Clockwise from top left: Lexi multi link earrings, Lexi earrings, Ellena bracelet, Lexi double-wrap necklace, Lexi multi link earrings

A repetition of the motif with variation in sizes and scales, these streamlined pieces are both forever-classics and boldly modern; a perfect treat for someone special or self-gifting. Accessorise your everyday or mix and match for occasion dressing.

For high-impact looks, choose from the Lexi range that features the large-scale version of the links. They offer multiple ways-to-wear so you can style yours in a personalised fashion: belts become necklaces and necklaces become bracelets with the double-ended closure.

Clockwise from top left: Lexi earrings, Ellena earrings, Lexi triple-wrap bracelt, Lexi earrings, Ellena necklace

For a pared-back approach that also lends itself to varying styling routes, the Ellena jewellery pieces feature the smallest of the Deco-influenced chains, mixed with larger scales. Sleek and elegant, the designs showcase statement dog-clip branded closures that can clip onto different links offering size adjustability and lending a playful final touch.

Make this an uplifting wardrobe addition to this year-end. And then keep it as a style amulet for years to come.

Clockwise from top left: Lexi earrings, Lexi triple-wrap necklace, Lexi multi link earrings, Lexi double-wrap necklace