We present the trends that define this season’s styling directive

The dawn of our Autumn and Winter 2017 collection invites us to reassess our way of dressing and edit our existing wardrobes in line with the updated styling directive. Fusing classic design with something a little more contemporary, it presents a series of beautifully crafted pieces that nod to the runway in a sophisticated manner. For now, we cast thought ahead to the season as a whole and celebrate the trends that are yet to be introduced as well as those that are immediately relevant.


Pattern takes a tactile turn this season and it comes imagined in masterful devoré that feels a lot like print’s more sophisticated older sister. An unexpected dash of velvet adds a plush touch and ups the impact of the fabrication, whilst harmonious hues maintain an element of wearability. Anchor an elaborate piece – be it a statement skirt or an asymmetric dress – with simple separates to let the texture do the talking; the overall effect will become effortless and translate all the more seamlessly from day to evening when styled down.


Red is the colour of the season and it comes in varying levels of intensity, from dusky tones that err on the side of pink to richer, more vibrant iterations that provide the perfect antidote to a neutral winter palette. Adopt one shade and wear it from head to toe or layer variations on the theme to take a more considered angle. For those who are yet to be convinced, more approachable options hold just as much significance. For example, make red in any shade the colour you carry; a burgundy bag will give the look just the right amount of air time.


Knitwear holds an unwavering position as the headliner of any autumn and winter essentials list, though it’s not knitwear itself that’s the new idea this season but more specifically how we wear it. Separates charter a new path, engineered to one-shoulder necklines, structured pencil skirt silhouettes and styled head to toe in an unexpected riff on 18-hour dressing. Those committed to the trend should go down this styling route but knitted dresses are also on the rise and they make for a softer way to pay homage to the trend.


Metallics slot seamlessly into any party rotation but this season sees them applied in unexpected new ways that lend the classic look a so-now twist. Knitted dressing, for example, seems suddenly appropriate after dark when spun with a touch of glitter. Meanwhile, muted, gunmetal hues tone down the typically amplified impact, resulting in something wearable and altogether sophisticated. In contrast, glossy satin fabrications elevate even the most simplistic of silhouettes and when spliced with semi-sheer lace, hint at a more sultry sense of style. Contradict this look by draping a tough-luxe leather biker jacket loosely over the shoulders to stay in-line with the season’s more understated riff on after-dark shine.


Graphic pattern puts a statement riff on signature accessory styles this season, with sleek silhouettes providing the perfect canvas for something as impactful as animal print. Monochromatic grey, black and cream colour palettes deliver an instant dose of eclectic-cool that allows for freedom to go all-out in other areas. Enter artful snake-print. Bags are punctuated with minimalistic metal hardware and footwear comes detailed with angular accents that lend them a certain sharpness. Style these trophy pieces with all-black separates for maximum impact with little thought required.


Dramatic ruffles have long since established their relevance on fashion’s ever-changing landscape and they continue to remain key for Autumn and Winter 2017. The development on the trend is its newly versatile nature as it starts to work for the everyday as well as event dressing, adding a little movement to capsule wardrobe staples and elevating the most understated of shapes. Even accessories come adorned with a little frill; look out for an updated take on our signature clutch bags.