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What is the perfect summer shoe?


Excellent question, although I am left wondering if such a thing exists once the temperature dips above 24C. Much like everything else you put on at this time of year, the priority is to safeguard against unsightly signs of sweat while not compromising on your style. Luckily, when it comes to footwear, those signs aren’t clearly visible, but finding a stylish pair that will also keep your feet comfortable throughout the day isn’t always so easily done.

An espadrille is the most summery of summer shoes and the perfect contrast to the frankly unbearable heat presented by wearing leather in hot weather. Turn to a stone-coloured pair for endless versatility and wear without socks – or no-show socks at least – because, well, just trust me on this one. Of course, here at Reiss we understand that espadrilles may not always be the most dress-code friendly of shoes, so for something a little more refined try a suede loafer. They won’t have that same level of comfort as espadrilles, but the slip-on style gives your feet a little more breathing room and the polished look will work great with both tailoring and denim.

Should I invest in classic pieces or current trends?


This comes down to personal style, but usually a marriage of the two will form an expertly stocked wardrobe. The thing to remember with trends is that they can come and go in quick succession, as is the nature with fashion in an age of rapid consumption, so I would always recommend investing more in classic staples as they will serve as the building blocks of your wardrobe.

Always consider current trends and ask yourself, “Is this something I can see myself wearing regularly?” Some trends are easy to buy into; for example, this summer’s rebirth of the Cuban-collared shirt will pop in and out of fashion over the years. Others, though, will be a flash in the pan, leaving you with a build-up of out-of-date styles taking up space in your wardrobe. When I think of my own style and what I like to invest in I always turn to the words of Leonardo Da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Something to remember the next time a trend captures the attention of the high street.

What is the best piece to wear with navy shorts for a
smart-casual look?


As a colour, navy is superb purely because most other colours will work well with it, so that’s one half of the issue here ticked off. Shorts, however, can be a little more difficult to smarten up. Pair them with the wrong choice of top or shoe and the result is something a bit too Martha’s Vineyard rather than, say, Monte Carlo. A T-shirt is too casual, but a knitted top (short-sleeved, of course) strikes that perfect balance, creating a look reminiscent of Jude Law’s incredible style in “The Talented Mr Ripley”. Alternatively, a shirt will elevate the shorts’ casualness, or turn to a printed option to offset the plainness of navy.

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