Spotlight On Sports Luxe


Introducing, sports luxe: athleisure-inspired comfort for your off-duty days

What is sports luxe?

A phenomenon that has not so much captured men’s fashion as it has almost-completely reshaped it, sports luxe – for the uninitiated – are the high-end sweats, sneakers and activewear that put forward an elevated take on a category which previously raised more than a few eyebrows in the fashion industry. With “athleisure” now a recognised term in the dictionary, the seemingly indomitable rise of this trend shows no signs of stopping and its embracement by renowned designers as well as some of the world’s most stylish men ensures it’s here to stay.

Think less “hangover clothes” and more the new casual, sports luxe is activewear that can be worn by everyone regardless of use, so whether you’re a fitness fanatic or someone who’s main form of exercise comes from the thumb work required for endless scrolling on Instagram, an expertly crafted hoodie and joggers is for all to take pleasure from.

It brings new meaning to comfort

Crafted from a specially engineered, super-soft jersey fabrication, our sports luxe garms are those you’ll delight in putting on – and struggle to take off. While its indulgent feel lends itself to be worn on days when the weather permits staying inside reading a book or watching a film, the reality is, it works equally as well for an on-the-go life. Offering a flexible freedom of movement and stretch, the beauty of sports luxe is its ability to ensure your casual look is still on point while its satisfying wear will hold up from morning to night.

“Consider this athleisure-inspired attire the gentlemanly take on sportswear”


And did we mention its versatility?

Sports luxe isn’t so much a category of clothing in the fashion industry as it is a lifestyle that more and more people are turning to. You won’t find better attire to take you to the gym on a Saturday morning followed by an artisan flat white with a friend afterwards. Wearing both a hoodie or zip-up with the matching joggers may entice hesitance from some, sports luxe works just as well as separates: consider pairing the zip-up jumper with a crisp white T, dark denim and Chelsea boots, or, indeed, the joggers with a T and blazer for a sleek take on airport style.