Mastering monochrome is far from black and white. We show you how to get to grips with menswear at its most minimal

Navy aside, the most common colour in a man’s wardrobe is surely black. Yes black is a safe option, but therein lies its beauty. Black can be whatever its wearer wants it to be, whether that’s cool and aloof or high impact and low effort. Though black will go with everything and feel appropriate for practically any item of clothing imaginable, there’s nothing quite like the timeless pairing of black and white (there’s a reason it’s been the standard bearer for black tie all these years). From formal ways to wear this classic combo to off-duty outfits, we break down how to master monochrome this season.


Take a sharp black suit and add a soft cream knit and a printed scarf to hit that sweet spot between formal and casual monochrome.


Don’t think that monochrome is simply a matter of pairing black and white together, try a fine monochromatic printed shirt for subtle evening style.


Lose your collar and instead opt for a white grandad shirt paired with a black overcoat for a modern take on a smart, minimal dressing.


A black leather jacket and white t-shirt must be one of menswear’s most enduring combinations, bring the look up to date by opting for a modern bomber in place of a biker jacket.