It’s all change for our men’s bags this season. Meet four stylish new designs and the men we had in mind when creating each bag

Menswear is a world which thrives on the new, the novel and the next big thing. But, as any man who lives outside of the style pages of magazines and websites knows, there are some purchases which must keep their appeal, those which cannot be settled on carelessly to be later relegated to the depths of the wardrobe when the honeymoon period is over. While becoming fatigued by a pair of jeans feels fairly inconsequential, when it comes to choosing a bag most men are looking for a much more meaningful relationship.


The perfect men's bag must perform a careful balancing act. It must be spacious, but not excessively roomy. It must be lightweight yet robust. It must be stylish but not too seasonal. It must be visually arresting but subdued enough to wear with practically anything. As purchases go, the stakes are high. On the other hand, once in possession of the perfect bag you’ll be able to carry it with you from year to year, and with the right amount of care it should only get better with age.


Naturally, you need to like the way a bag looks if you’re going to invest in it. This shouldn’t be your first consideration though. What will be your bag’s main use? How often will you use it? And, sartorially speaking, what kind of man are you? Once you can answer these questions, the task of choosing the right bag should be much more straightforward.


This season the designs of our men's bags have been informed by the needs and the tastes of the men who we envisage using each one. From the folio to the holdall, below we guide you through some of our most important bag shapes and show you how to carry each one off in style.


for the modern professional

If street style galleries are anything to go by, there’s no shortage of men with a black leather folio gripped firmly under their arms. The reality however is a little different. The folio is seen as the peacocking cousin of the briefcase, slightly less practical and undoubtedly more showy.

But, despite this bad reputation the folio is actually extremely handy - its use is just a little more specific than other bags. Its clean lines are utterly intolerant of being overstuffed, meaning that it provides a sensible way of keeping notepads and documents in pristine condition when heading to a meeting or interview. 


for the sophisticate

As with the portfolio, many men have reservations about getting to grips with the tote bag. This is perhaps in part due to the fact the design feels like unfamiliar territory unlike the messenger bag and backpack which are so synonymous with school days. If you haven’t been charmed by the tote bag’s aesthetic and practical prowess yet we urge you to reconsider.

The beauty of the tote bag is that it most often feels like a statement of sartorial maturity, marking a clear graduation from the bags of boyhood. It’s also practically impossible to pick a tote bag that looks like a clumsy afterthought in the same way a backpack on the morning commute might. This bag is not all style over substance though, size wise the tote bag is perfect halfway house between large and small, working just as well on the weekend as at work.


for the traveller

As far as bags go the holdall probably gets the least airtime of all, unless you’re clocking up some serious air miles that is. Nonetheless it’ll accompany you for your most memorable journeys so it needs to look good no matter which time zone you’re in.

First things first, your holdall needs to be durable, after all it’s going to be put through its paces regardless of how cautiously you handle it. For this you’ll need a good quality leather skin which is grained to minimise the visible impact of life on the road. The only other thing you’ll need to bear in mind is your holdall’s colour (black and tan are always a good idea) to ensure that it will pair well with outfits for hot and cold destinations.


for the creative

Can any man over the age of 18 seriously pull off a backpack with aplomb? In short they can and they do. Don’t let memories of awkward adolescence convince you that the backpack is best left in the past, it’s fast becoming a must-have for men who take their style practical.

The benefits of making the a classic men's leather backpack your bag of choice are obvious; you barely have to think about wearing it thanks to its weight distributing straps. What you do need to think about however is what your backpack says about you. If you choose the right colour, fabric and shape, the backpack can be an incredibly sophisticated choice and good looking enough to wear with a suit. If in doubt choose black, try suede or grained leather and avoid logos and bright colours at all costs.