The Art of Fine Tailoring


Reiss tailoring has been redesigned for SS18 to make a sharp impression in the office

Once the uniform of power solely reserved for top-tier finance coterie and the likes, tailoring has transformed in the last decade, taking on an open-minded approach and in doing so, inspiring a new audience – and workforce – to embrace the structured suiting staple. Whether as a result of the dawn of “Mad Men” back in 2007 or because of the changing nature of the style-conscious consumer, suits in all shapes and guises are now a prerequisite for the modern man’s wardrobe.
For SS18, we have acknowledged this new landscape with an updated collection that combines impeccable craftsmanship with experiential savoir-faire for an ensemble of tailored looks that would, ahem, suit every man, whether you fancy yourself a Don Draper or 007.



A commanding look and the original marker of corporate business, the pinstripe suit has been a steadfast in menswear ever since it first held sway as a banking uniform in the 19th century. From then it has become an icon in its own right, adorned by prominent figures including Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Winston Churchill. The pinnacle of business elegance (as well as a certain rakish allure), we have retained all the classic features of a strong pinstripe suit – double-breasted blazer, peak lapels, and subtle stripe – and tailored to a slim fit for the man of today for an overall look that cuts a sharp silhouette in the boardroom.


While there is no denying the sartorial flair of a well-designed two-piece, there is a certain something about an expertly styled mixed look. Taking inspiration from Italy, the home of chic style and exceptional fit, our SS18 tailoring update experiments with colours to bring a daring sensibility to formalwear. An emerald green blazer paired with a smart blue shirt and classic navy trousers sets a sleek tone that still retains its impactful office aesthetic. It’s workwear, but not as you know it.


The ultimate in elegance, a three-piece suit is celebrated the world over for its sophistication and versatility. Prevalent since the 1900s when the new century also introduced new tailoring, the three-piece has remained steadfast as a flattering outfit for men as well as its flamboyance (think F Scott Fitzgerald’s “Gatsby” or the uniform of Don Corleone in “The Godfather). For 2018, the staple has been refreshed to maintain its appeal as a symbol of importance in the boardroom while removing the stuffiness to make way for a sharp, slim-fit silhouette in a classic navy colour.


While in time past the idea of dressing down a suit would be highly frowned upon, both fashion and the office have moved on – rapidly. To borrow a line from Hardy Amies: “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.” We’ve reinterpreted that quote with the above look, blending that sophistication bestowed by a blazer with an unbuttoned shirt and cardigan for a look that extols a more louche aesthetic – ideal for evening drinks after a day at the office. The heritage-inspired check pattern of the blazer adds a sleek twist to proceedings.


The smart-casual dress code doesn’t lend itself as easily to tailoring, simply because a look that incorporates some element of a suit will always err more on the side of formal. But then, you don’t don a suit jacket or trousers to look casual. A perfect fit for the office where a suit isn’t required, a knit jumper worn in the place of a shirt dials down a tailored ensemble enough to not stick out in a room full of denim and casual shirts, but it does ensure you take your role seriously – even if you’re still a few rungs away from the top of the ladder. Remember: it’s about dressing for the job you want, not the one you have.


Much like its navy counterpart, the grey suit is a failsafe option for modern workwear. Understated, versatile and irrevocably classic, its enduring appeal lies in its ability to act as a canvas, allowing the wearer to play with shirt styles and patterns and accessoriesties, pocket squares – to enhance and personalise it. For the new season, we have repurposed the grey suit with a modern fit and checked pattern in a pure wool fabrication for work attire that’s distinct enough to elevate you among the rest of the grey-suit-wearing cadre in the office.


If you really want to shine when giving a presentation, pay heed to this. Tailoring is just as much about the accessories as it is the two-piece suit. Consider them the finishing touches that add a refined flourish to your attire; it’s in the details after all. The rose-gold lapel pin and Italian-made silk pocket square complement the dressed-down blazer-and-knit pairing for an overall outfit that defines sartorial finesse.