The Working Week: 9-5 And Beyond


From the boardroom to presentations to working out of office, our AW18 workwear essentials are designed to meet the demands of the modern Monday to Friday

Today’s working week is a radical shift from the one of a decade ago when the 9-5 hours of Monday to Friday were spent fixed at a desk. Now, with the fast-pace of the modern world and increasing technological advances, the office has become flexible, both to the needs of the business and the wellbeing of its employees. Remote working, working from home, innovative and refreshing workspaces: this shift has provided a welcome change to the 9-5, but what does it mean for your wardrobe?

The likelihood of spending an entire week working in a two-piece suit are no more and your workwear wardrobe should adapt to cover all a five-day week can throw at you: not just presentations and meetings, but also networking events, catching up with friends or enjoying a date on a Thursday evening. Workwear for AW18 is one of flexibility, accommodating the needs of the modern working week and ensuring you’re sharp for the boardroom, put-together and personable for working remotely, and relaxed yet refined for those evenings spent networking or romancing out of office.


A day spent in the boardroom is one where a sense of power and success should be conveyed. A polished two-piece suit commands attention, but up the ante with a double-breasted blazer for a more sophisticated spin. Dismiss the usual notions of workwear as “stiff” repertoire through well-chosen accessories: the right tie and pocket square adds flair while also showing off your personality and sense of style.


It’s the second day of the week, you want to stay smart, but you’ve got a networking event in the evening and no time to change beforehand. Take a mix-and-match approach to tailoring and pair a classic navy blazer with versatile, slim-fit grey trousers. A dark-blue shirt will keep you in check for the office and the bar afterwards while a pocket square injects fun and flair.


For time spent working on a presentation out of office in, say, a coffee shop, it’s all about a sharp smart-casual approach. You want to feel relaxed without appearing slouchy, so complement a pair of white jeans with a perfectly fitted roll-neck knit jumper. A suede jacket – a modern outerwear icon – is a nice tactile touch to finish the overall look. For footwear, box-fresh white sneakers will do the trick.


It’s presentation day at the office and you want to feel in-control. Whatever nerves may be inward, your outward appearance should reflect the opposite. The man who wants to be taken seriously should dress to match. Impress with a statement blazer, play with tonal colours and forgo the tie for a look that’s smart and considered without coming across as stiff.


The end of the week has arrived and you’ve got an external meeting (with drinks) in the afternoon before catching the train in the evening for that long-awaited weekend getaway. Keep it practical and casual – in a stylish manner, of course – and pair trousers with a striped top. Layering is essential here so turn to a cardigan for a preppy polish to your get-up and have a coat handy for those moments spent journeying across town.