How To Dress For Your Role At A Wedding


Whether the father of the bride, the best man or a guest, our AW18 wedding feature showcases the looks to wear

There are two times of the year popular with invitation-sending and thoughts of, “what will I wear?”. Now that summer has passed, it is time for winter weddings to take centre-stage. While the former may lend itself more to laid-back dress codes and a light-hearted mood, the latter is one where a little more thought must go into dressing smartly and suitably, not only to match the dress code, but also to know that you look the part for the “role” you’ll play on the day itself.

For AW18, we took to the streets of Paris to showcase our sleek and sophisticated tailoring offerings designed and styled to echo the different roles. From father of the bride or groom to the best man to the older and younger guests of the afters, our latest editorial highlights generational dressing for winter occasions.


Father Of The Bride/Groom

The father of the bride or groom is a pivotal part to play on the big day and when it comes to how you dress, in essence it should mirror the wedding party. Sharp, put-together and with a certain fine polish, a two-or three-piece suit is the answer. In line with the darker mode of the season, opt for a navy-blue or grey colour way. Peak lapels and a single-breasted silhouette taps into the tradition of the occasion while the accessories — whether a tie or lapel pin — are prime opportunity to add a hit of colour: burgundy being a beautiful tone for the season.


Best Man

After the wedded couple, one of the most significant roles at a wedding is the best man. From ensuring the day runs smoothly to, of course, making a most memorable speech, it’s a part that requires you to look your best at all times. Like the father of the bride, he, too, should align with the wedding party, but to highlight the role’s importance no less than a sharp three-piece suit will do. Classic and timeless in its relevance, navy is a colour that not only embraces the tone of the occasion, it’s also a handsome colour that looks good on everyone. A printed pocket square adds a touch of fine fun to proceedings and a silk tie keeps the entire outfit looking smooth.



Older Guest

If truth be told, attending the full wedding without the pressure of being a part of the wedding party is where you, as a guest, fully get to embrace the jovial spirit of the day. Dress to impress with a grey suit with a check pattern. It abides by the traditional tone of the wedding while also allowing you the opportunity to show off your sense of style. The accessories come down to how flamboyant you want to play it, but for serious sartorial credit, a double monk-strap shoe will take you from the day to the dance floor in the evening in one helluva fashion.

Younger Guest

Wanting to look the part without looking like you’ve tried too hard is one tricky style to convey, so we say ignore those thoughts and instead dress to impress. The double-breasted silhouette is having something of a moment in tailoring lately so opt for a two-piece in a brown colour to give it a little extra seasonal-appropriate verve. Dial it up with the right detailing, such as a patterned pocket square and winter-ready knitted tie. Effortless and effulgent, you’ll be the best-dressed guest at the party, guaranteed.



Getting invited to the afters of a wedding — arguably the best part — requires a little more attention to what you’ll wear. That delicate balance of not being overdressed or underdressed, stay in suiting and apply a few changes. Mix and match your blazer and jacket and ensure that the colour tone is similar in both pieces and your shirt. Keep the top button of the shirt undone for an extra shot of cool flair.

youngeR Guest

Again, the double-breasted blazer is a suitably cool choice. It’s smart and sharp, but it also conveys that you take pride in your appearance and your confident in your style. The less-strict dress code of the afters allows you to play more with colour, so mix and match your look by pairing a brown jacket with a dark-navy trousers. Add a pop of bright with a crisp white shirt and use a pocket square to add a final finesse to the overall look.