Making Corduroy Cool Again


Brush your fingers across the fabric that’s bringing cool back to autumn dressing.

While I’m never one to raise an eyebrow at a trend, this season’s love-in with corduroy has certainly, let’s say, caught me off guard. Something I’d equate more with what my grandfather or my Old English lecturer from university would we, for me it was never a fabric I considered cool.


Needless to say, a couple years more life experience have enlightened me to just how brilliant corduroy actually is. Favoured by the likes of Wes Anderson (in particular, the tan cord blazer worn by Bill Murray’s character in “The Royal Tenenbaums”) and the poet laureate of the Great American Songbook, Bob Dylan, corduroy has been a steadfast icon for years and a firm symbol of cool in its own right. Not to mention, it’s also the perfect fabric to break out for autumn, which is really the only season you’ll get away with wearing it.



Whether you’re an aficionado of corduroy or merely curious to try, we have deconstructed our cord suit to show you three ways to implement the fabric to your daily repertoire this season.


How To Wear A Corduroy Suit

For the seasoned pro wanting to step outside the box, a full cord suit gives off an air of stylish character and esteem. I’m drawn to the classic silhouette of the double-breasted jacket and the clashing prints of the tie and pocket square pulls what could potentially be a dated outfit into the now.

How To Wear A Corduroy Trouser


Corduroy trousers are a little trickier to pull off. For me, they bring back memories of my aunt’s children at Christmas – and they looked more uncomfortable than cute. Assuming you don’t want to mimic them, let the tone err on the side of smart. We like the pairing of the creamy rollneck. And if you’re feeling really inspired, a paisley scarf will add a final fancy flourish.


How To Wear A Corduroy Blazer

If it’s your first time embracing the fabric, you won’t find a more sleeker way to do so than with a cord blazer. For a look that’s a tad more rakish than bookish, pair it with a tonal knit (camel, cos it is autumn after all) and separate trousers.