The Summer Edit


Stripes, short sleeves and soft-touch fabrics are still all welcome for the warmer months ahead but this season, they boast a more casual sensibility.

Pivot your wardrobe from holiday-ready to home-comfort as this summer demands a more practical approach. The classic formulas of warmer weather still apply - including a polo-plus-shorts combo and shirt-and-chinos pairing - but there is a more palpably relaxed approach to the styling and subtle colour codes than in year’s past.

For days spent outdoors, stick to the basics but invest in premium fabrics and discerning details for a look that still exudes a considered effort. A softer colour spectrum of neutral, navy and ecru replaces highlighter shades and wild prints as your wardrobe caters to a more subdued summer agenda.


Looking cool without any obvious effort may seem like a daunting task but the success lies in an approach that doesn’t stray too far from the tried-and-tested classics. Choose a smart top (a lightweight shirt or design-led tee will suffice), add a light wash denim or cotton chinos and keep the rest pared back for a simple yet effective execution.


A true classic, the summer polo dips in and out of formal and casual dress codes with ease, making it your ultimate styling tool for every occasion. On the smarter side, look for hardware accents and a merino blend, worn untucked with tailoring and trainers for a modern approach.


In horizontal or vertical iterations, deckchair stripes will always have a place in your wardrobe – regardless of the season - but for summer’s hazy nights, turn to a more tempered colour choice than classic navy and white. In a blend of versatile neutrals, the Marino style offers just the ticket.