The Italian Fabric Collection


Photographed during Pitti Uomo in Florence, discover how to live the sartorial dolce vita with our premium new tailoring

When it comes to clothing, Britain prides itself on its rich and eclectic fashion heritage, one which has marked it out as a global authority on unique and inimitable style. From bowler hats and brogues to the trench coat and the three-piece suit, this little corner of the world has birthed some of the most recognisable menswear mainstays, but for the new season our design team have focused their gaze to the south-east to introduce a touch of Italian flair to the Spring/Summer ’20 season.

Yes, Italy, the country synonymous with quality craftsmanship and iconic design, has helped inspire and shape our limited-edition Italian Fabric Collection, which brings together superb continental flair with the finest materials woven in Italy’s best mills. Shot by photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce (better known as GarconJon) during Pitti Uomo in Florence, we showcase the best pieces from our capsule collection.

“Italian style is a natural attitude. It is about a life of simple good taste.”

- Diego Della Valle

If there’s one thing Italians do well, it’s tailoring. From the early Thirties where Gennaro Rubinacci’s fondness for unstructured jackets inspired Neapolitan suiting to Giorgio Armani’s sartorial contribution to film in the 1980 classic American Gigolo with Richard Gere, the Bel Paese has a deep history with suiting, from construction to how the finished product is worn.

Informing the direction of our Italian Fabric collection, the suits available all offer trademark Italian softness and a flattering slim shape without compromising the overall sharp appearance. Our menswear team paid tribute to this specific Italian construction when creating the suits for the collection, working to prioritise fabric and cut above all else.

There is no other location worthy enough of showcasing the
Italian Fabric Collection than at the menswear mecca that is
Pitti Uomo, Florence.

Colour plays an important role, too, in the creation of the Italian Fabric Collection suits. An identifier of pure Italian style is that it never tries too hard, so rather than turn to a flamboyant palette, classic grey and a suitably continental taupe dictate the collection’s tone. Reminiscent of the “Peacocks of Pitti” – attendees who pepper the streets of Florence with lavish sartorial displays for two weekends every year – the suits are best worn sharp, meaning forgo any sense of casual and instead turn up the formal-chic to eleven.

The Italian art of stylish nonchalance owes a lot to multi-textured layering – just look at how a coat thrown over an impeccable two-piece on the streets of Firenze can ooze sheer effortlessness. So, what would our homage be without one or two outerwear options thrown in for good measure. A double-breasted oatmeal number nods to the studied elegance of Italian dressing, but the collection’s standout is surely the checked coat that champions rust and navy colours. The contrast effect created once it’s paired with a classic suit is nothing short of pure, authentic sprezzatura.

The finest fabric choices and a painstaking attention to detail elevate these Italian-fabric suits among their sartorial brethren, promising a controlled warmth, breathability and rich natural lustre.