Print’s AW18 Revival


Designed to make a cool statement, our AW18 printed shirts offer a darker take on a timeless essential

There are few opportunities for men to make a statement when it comes to what they wear, but a printed shirt does the trick, putting a fashionable spin on a staple garm. From floral patterns to painterly strokes to paisley, print brings a touch more interest to a shirt. While the word “versatile” gets thrown around a lot when it comes to menswear, it’s never more relevant than when applied to printed shirts, which, depending on the style and pattern, can work across more or less every setting in life: office, bar, holiday, festival…

With the presence of cloudy skies signalling the near-end of the summer months, the time for bright, shouty patterns and loud colours is past. If the printed shirt of summer is one of fun, autumn and winter’s offering is, unsurprisingly, darker, tonal and, dare we say it, noticeably more sophisticated. Simply put, these fresh new options are the grown-up successful brothers to their younger, “childish” counterparts and shirts you’ll want to get quickly acquainted with this season.


Colours are key when it comes to autumn/winter prints and the clash of bright painterly reds, yellows and blues against the black adds an artistic element to the shirt.


Champ by name and champ by nature, this printed shirt combines a seasonal-ready grey tone with splashes of white and black courtesy of the eye-catching botanical print.


Inspired by the flowers on display at Kew Garden, the micro-floral pattern of the Dermont is a move-on from summer’s big prints, while the Grandad collar offers a soft neckline.