Tap into this season’s key trend with the layers that will keep you warm while looking sharp

With winter in full swing, staying warm becomes the priority when getting ready in the mornings. Wrapping up is essential, yes, but it’s equally important to do it right. Thankfully, there is nothing too complicated about the process. Layering is nothing more than combining clothing to serve a purpose: ensure you look great no matter the temperature.

Wrapping up against the bitter cold spells, whether for work or a weekend excursion, is essential, but it’s not always easy to get right. The trick is to master the basics. Think from thin to thick when it comes to layering, so the lightweight garments are closer to your skin while the heavy-duty pieces protect as you move outwards. In essence, you want to be able to remove layers easily to better adjust your body temperature when moving between warm and cold environments.

Another thing to note: all the layers should not only work together, but also as standalone pieces. From chunky knits under wool coats to parkas paired with overshirts, we have done the hard work for you and created a layering guide that will dress you from Monday to Sunday throughout the winter season.


Bring a little edge to your layered look with a leather biker jacket. An essential outerwear style, the shearling collar and zip detailing complements the traditional cable-knit jumper to bring a cool interest to your outfit. Enhance the casual aesthetic by pairing with black slim-fit jeans and box-fresh white trainers for a look that’s ready for the weekend.


For a weekend excursion that will see you spending some time outdoors, a parka is an unbeatable layer for practicality and style. A faux-fur lined hood will give comfort and protection against the bitter cold, but it also serves purpose by bringing a hit of stylish flair to an outfit. The parka’s charm lies in its versatility, so it works great paired with an overshirt – which also provides an extra measure of warmth – and white tee. For the overshirt, keep it seasonal and go for a dark green colour. Once indoors, slip off the parka and let the rest of your layers do the talking.


For a smart-casual layering look that can work weekday or weekend, rework a rollneck by tucking it into modern-fit trousers and finishing off with a sleek overcoat. The key here is to go for a relatively minimal look, but bring a subtle statement in the form of a print, colour or check pattern. The overcoat works well here, creating a strong silhouette and bringing that premium touch to layering. This look would work as well in the boardroom as it would at the bar later that evening.


A rollneck is the definitive winter wardrobe staple and one of those rare pieces that works in most colourways. For an office-ready look, opt for a dark one and wear over smart trousers and shoes. Keep the layering here minimal. A handsome wool coat should do the trick. For maximum sharpness, don’t stray too far from the dark colours. A grey overcoat with a pattern detail brings statement without detracting from the overall outfit. The beauty of this look too is that it works just as well outside of a work environment, so there’s no need to change for those evening plans.


A main component of a layered look, invest in a printed shirt that will see you through a few different occasions. A guaranteed way of making a style statement to any casual look, a dotted print in particular works well under most, if not all coats, from a classic double-breasted overcoat to a leather biker jacket to a bomber. Tucked loosely into tailored trousers, leave a button or two undone for a simple nod to the louche lifestyle.


This is the layered look to aspire to. Proving its versatility time and again, the rollneck works here, but this time the camel tone adds a touch of something special, peeking out under a sharp oatmeal overcoat. Ensure the top layers are working to their fullest potential by pairing with white trousers. There’s a reason why camel has made its mark in menswear over the last few years: it enhances every outfit effortlessly, and this is most certainly the case here too. You’ll want to make note of this one, trust us.