Wardrobe in need of a hit of colour? Go green to inject new life into your outfits

Colour in spring and summer is easy to embrace. Even those men with the most brooding of wardrobes can’t fail to feel the inclination to sport paler shades when the mercury rises. For autumn and winter however colour is a trickier beast to master. This invariably leads to wardrobes with a disposition that correlates to the weather; dark, gloomy and dreary.

To avoid becoming a part of that sea of men dressed in black and navy we urge you to consider a colour uplift this season. For us there is no wiser choice than green. Forget retina searing shades and instead picture jewel green, deep moss, olive and dialled-down khaki. The appeal of muted shades of green is their ability to provide a much needed boost for disillusioned wardrobes without making too many waves in the process. Here are just a few of our favourite ways to go green this season.


The bomber jacket is an off-duty classic, but when rendered in green instead of the more conventional black this old favourite feels fresh once more.


Last season may have been awash with burgundy, but this season’s most menswear-approved knitwear colour is green. When it comes to shade, the darker the better.


Forgo navy, grey and black tailoring in favour of deep green tailoring which marries smart formality with colourful verve.