War Paint at Reiss


The story behind a partnership that goes beyond the surface.

From the tailoring of a jacket to the pattern of a knit, Reiss clothes are created to give its wearers an edge, a boost and the assurance that they look their best.

While many may say this discussion is merely about clothes, these same clothes can help someone achieve a goal, enhance their perception of themselves and communicate to the world the idea of success and refinement. And that can be life-changing.

As an extension of our feel-good approach to dressing, we’re partnering with War Paint, a paradigm-breaking brand that has helped men across the world build their confidence.

Reiss will be carrying a selection of War Paint For Men's products. Including concealer, tinted moisturiser, bronzing powder, foundation, beard and brow gel, anti-shine powder plus application sponges, brushes and a makeup remover.

The idea is to give our customer a new choice in ways of feeling and looking their best, reaching beyond Reiss, but with the same curated approach.

“Reiss is one of my favourite clothing brands, so I trust them with my brand. War Paint for Men and Reiss have a lot in common, we both want to help men feel good about themselves, inside and out, by boosting their confidence. I know that I can go into a Reiss, or go online, and pick up clothes that will make me feel good, and now War Paint will be able to add to that experience, giving men more options in their appearance”, says War Paint founder Danny Gray.

And the feeling is mutual. Our menswear director Alex Field, to whom promoting men’s confidence and better mental health is essential motivation, also commented on the partnership:

“Danny Gray is a modern gentleman. Reiss was interested in the story and benefits of War paint, particularly the men’s mental health aspect of it. We have been dressing men since 1971 and want to provide the tools to make them feel confident. We are proud to work with Danny and the War Paint brand on helping this cause”, he says confidently.