The Shades of the Season


A short guide to our menswear shades proves that there’s more to life than grey and navy.

When it comes to winter dressing, many men will immediately turn to navy and grey. There’s a reason behind it. These are tailoring’s key colours; those we rely on for polish and reliable elegance. They’re the safe choices that we recognise as menswear’s staple shades.

That said, at Reiss, we take a bespoke approach to colour. We believe in hues, nuances and controlled – never saturated – shades that enrich the look of clothes and add uniqueness to looks. On this note, with the same thoroughness we approach colour every season, we invite you to inject new shades into your wardrobe.

Take the better-the-devil-you-know approach, embracing Reiss signatures in this season’s exciting colour updates.


Few materials take colour as well as suede. That’s why our Jagger jacket – another Reiss favourite is a go-to when it comes to our seasonal colour exercises. This year, the Jagger comes in khaki, burgundy, and slate grey – colours that make it the perfect pick-me-up for sombre looks.


A time-tested item, our tailored coat returns in six shades. Neutrals, black, navy and greys, are joined by elegant burgundy and dark-green, sober colours that will stand the test of time while adding richness to menswear’s most relied-upon piece of winter clothing.


For those not quite ready for hued outerwear, our knitwear makes for an efficient colour-injecting solution. Discover our range of merinos in hued blues, burgundy, tobacco and such.

Choose your shades based on your skin tone, your wardrobe preferences, or on your current whim.