Broxburn: Behind The Seams


Discover the craftmanship involved in bringing our new shearling to life, from the factory to the shop floor.

The shearling jacket is one of the most stylish and luxurious ways to keep warm during cold months. A classic silhouette that’s best recognised as the uniform of Second World War aviators, it has gained more contemporary cred as a symbolically cool jacket modelled by the likes of Tom Hardy, A$AP Rocky and Drake to name just a few.

This season, we went back to the drawing board to design a shearling jacket that would stand out among its peers. Crafted from pure sheepskin and leather, the Broxburn honours the shearling of Fifties America (think Marlon Brando in “On The Waterfront” or James Dean in “Giant”) but infuses it with a new shape and style details.

A test to old-school craftsmanship, the Broxburn shearling jacket is sketched by our Head Of Menswear Design, Alex Field, who also spends time meticulously poring over different skins before making his final decision.

The 46 different pieces are cut by hand using a razor before all trims and zippers are gathered for stitching. One person sews the jacket together by hand before it undergoes a final clean and inspection and arrives at your local Reiss store.


Person that constructs the jacket from hand


Hours it takes to make each shearling jacket


Pieces of leather the Broxburn is made from, all of which are cut from hand


Person cuts each individual piece

Check out the video below to discover how the Broxburn came to life, from the factory to the shop floor.