Turn Up In Style


We shine a (neon) light on the looks that meet all the dress code requirements for party season.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we don’t just mean the arrival of Christmas: party season is here. From the office Christmas soiree to winter weddings, November and December awakens the mood to dress up, drink and dance from dusk till dawn.

A time to shine, an opportunity to stand out, a desire to make an impression… the agenda for this season’s dress code requirements is one of interpretation and authenticity. Across the spectrum, from the high-octane, flashy styles to black tie to the more casual leaning of going out-out, what you wear – and more importantly, how you wear it – should showcase personality, whether that’s flamboyant or understated.


“Never be the first to arrive at a party or the last to go home and never, never be both" - David Brown


Sharp as a pin and with just a touch of old-school cool courtesy of the double-breasted jacket, turn to a classic black tux to elevate the expectations of party-season dressing.


Don’t want to dress like everyone else? Eschew the rules in favour of a look that’s identifiably different. The velvet blazer is a timely and timeless piece for winter but try wearing one with a rollneck rather than a shirt. It still abides by the level of formality expected of these occasions, but – if truth be told – it just looks cooler. Amplify the mood of the season with a paisley dress scarf.

Party season is about having fun and there’s no better way to showcase that than in a printed shirt. Put it in paisley for a sophisticated and more grown-up take on the staple. How you wear it, though, is entirely up to you.

“Velvet is like the world was just born. Clean and new and so smooth.” – Toni Morrison


We’ve already touched on velvet’s relevance for this time of year, but it’s not all about the jacket. The accessory to know (and wear) this season is the oversized velvet bow tie. Reminiscent of Studio 54’s heyday and the smoke-infused parlours and lounges where those elite would frequent; the oversized bow tie evokes an air of distinguished esteem and it’s a marker of the man who knows how to dress well.

Don’t overlook your outerwear when it comes to occasionwear dressing. Dial it up in a flamboyant faux-fur collar number that mimics the classic style of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

Break the mould of burgundies, blues and blacks that pepper seasonal parties and instead look to warm, tonal colours to turn up the heat. Tobacco-brown has a certain timely crispness to it that elevates it among its contemporaries. It also affords you the opportunity to play with colour, such as brightening the look with an ecru rollneck. Of course, accessories are equally as important: the paisley pocket square adds the necessary flair for the dance floor.