Cover Your Back


From shearlings to parkas to belted coats, take cover in this season’s coolest outerwear.

If there is just one essential you’ll turn to on a daily basis over the coming months it’s the coat or jacket. A vital necessity against the perils of winter weather, it’s a staple that should be functional and hard-working in wear as much as it should aesthetically pair with a plethora of wardrobe options. And it should also be a piece you feel proud to throw on every morning.


Whether you’re looking to make the one trusted investment or you’re wanting to create a new outerwear repertoire to see you through this season and seasons to come, our latest editorial makes a field day out of the different options to take cover in this winter.


When it comes to choosing the perfect coat or jacket, it’s worth considering details such as fabrication. Suede to wear is great for two reasons: it’s the right balance between keeping you warm without overheating in days of mild weather and it’s a fabric that just begs to be touched – that velvety smooth soft-hand feel is a fine asset. The detachable faux-fur collar, too, adds a contemporary, streetwear-inspired finish to your downtime attire.


Introduce considered edge to your daily outerwear repertoire through pattern and colour. A salt-and-pepper checked coat has a certain something that stands out among the din of crowded city streets.


When the occasion calls for something a little smarter – say, a layer to throw over a party-ready tux for example – look to a longlined overcoat for that extra measure of finesse. A dark green hue is a refreshing antidote to the camels and greys that pepper men’s outerwear at this time of year and it’s military-esque association imbues it with an air of clean, sartorial savoir-faire.

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For a more luxurious take on a winter warming, the shearling option is the perfect candidate for premium comfort and insulation. A wearable duvet, it's the most fashion-forward way of beating cold snaps.

“Almost every man looks more so in a belted trench coat.”
– Sydney J. Harris

There’s something classically high fashion and handsome about a longline belted coat. Enduring and elegant, it complements formalwear beautifully, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with more casual attire at the weekend. The double-breasted silhouette nods to a version worn by Richard Gere in American Gigolo, but the unlined structure adds a modern spin.


Show off your natural affinity for style by embracing the understated cool of the colour navy. It evokes a sense of sophisticated calm against the stark landscape of autumn and winter.

Evoke the mood of the season through tasteful layering by pairing a casual jacket – almost in the style of an overshirt – with a parka. Marrying fashion with function, it creates a look that hits all the sartorial notes.