Merino Wool: Knitwear’s Most Wanted Staple


Super soft and incredibly versatile, discover what makes merino wool such a desirable asset for your wardrobe this season.

The perennial favourite of autumn and winter and one of the most practicable and hardworking staples to have in your arsenal, merino wool knitwear is the high-performance hero subtly disguised as an everyday jumper. Benefitting from the breathable warmth, comfort and an easy-to-maintain make-up of the fabric, our merino wool collection features a host of jumpers and cardigans, both crew-neck and V-neck, that add a touch of season-ready to style to all looks.

The Comfort Factor

Unlike other forms of wool, which can cause irritable discomfort because of a prickly, heavy gauge, merino wool is made up of the finest fibres in the world, offering a fabric that is soft to touch and light to wear. Unlike other members of its family, merino wool holds its shape for longer, even after years of wear and washing. Merino also has the added benefit of breathability, meaning it will keep you warm without ever becoming too hot to wear.

The style factor

Knitwear will make up approximately 80 per cent of your wardrobe come the cold seasons so it’s important to ensure you invest in the pieces that are as hardworking in style as they are practical in purpose. Because of the fine fibres, merino knit jumpers are incredible layering essentials, adding a touch of prep to a simple shirt and trousers get-up for the office or as a layered cardigan come Sunday afternoons spent in cosy pubs.