Forget just packing T-shirts and shorts, dressing for a summer holiday just got a radical new rethink

Dressing for holiday season is notoriously precarious territory. In the rush to ensure that all bases are covered, well-intentioned plans can rapidly turn into a big, crumpled mish-mash once you reach your destination. That pair of slim cut jeans that you simply couldn’t bear to part company with? Now they’re a bit of an unwanted tag-along, there for the ride but unable to get along nicely with the rest of your holiday wardrobe. Everything must earn its place in your suitcase.

In the days before sartorial enlightenment, the summer holiday wardrobe used to be simple. T-shirt, shorts, flip flops, done. The downside though was this unofficial holiday uniform was at best uninspiring and at worst just plain unappealing. Things have thankfully moved on and the holiday wardrobe has grown up. What you wear on a summer vacation should be transformative, just as you’re a world away from the humdrum of daily life, so too should be your wardrobe feel utterly removed. Think linen suits, suede espadrilles, pale denims, woven hats and stylish men's swimwear that’s slim, not swamping. Don’t overthink things though, your holiday wardrobe should appear as effortless as those days spent lounging around. Think less international playboy, more discreet aesthete. 

Here are just a few ways to spend days away stylishly.


Warm weather needn’t be synonymous with relaxed style. Take modern fit suits and formal shirts in linen blends to keep smart under the sun.


Mismatched dark and cream tailoring and a printed shirt sounds hard to pull off on paper, but in reality it may just be the easiest route to standout holiday style.


This season’s botanical print shirts are distant cousins of bad taste Hawaiian varieties, boasting much more refined renderings of the natural world.


The Breton stripe has earned its place in the canon of summer staples thanks to its timeless appeal, take yours on a short sleeve polo knit for a modern spin.


The perfect pair of men's sunglasses has the ability to enhance everything you wear on holiday. Our tip for this summer is a pair of clear acetate frames.


Rendered in the palest shades, palm print goes from summer standard to seriously sophisticated with casual white shirts and trousers.