Our first-ever guest curator on the future of style, becoming a style influencer and her Reiss choices.

Style curation is a Reiss passion. This season we invited Débora Rosa, a Lisbon-based aestheteto curate an edit of Reiss looks. With a shared taste for modernism, neutral tones and 1970s style icons, Reiss and Débora could not have made a better match. 

Faye Blazer, Devon Top, Raya Trousers, Kali Flat Sandals

Faye Blazer, Devon Top, Raya Trousers, Kali Flat Sandals



Rather than setting herself off on a mission, Débora saw her hobby gradually become a career. “It started when I created my Tumblr page (FashiionGoneRouge). It was an escape and a necessity. I found a gap between fashion, art and interiors, and did it to combine them all. As the page grew, brands started contacting me to create mood boards and curate content for their collections. Since I started doing it, my passion became bigger and bigger.” 

Tanya Shirt, Gemma Playsuit



Débora’s effortless style is highly influenced by her closeness to the ocean, her secret to - in her own words  not overthinking 


Her tonal preferences are also very Reiss. “I don’t wear a lot of colours, but I like to see people wearing it and how they combine it. I’m more into blue, green, mellow yellow, and toned-down hues. They go better with my style and my mood.” 


Her signature always-on sunglasses are also protection, due to photosensitivity.  

Jessie Jumpsuit, Kali Wedge Sandals

Jessie Jumpsuit



Interiors, architecture, art and fashion: Débora’s multidisciplinary approach to style allows for different inspiration streams to come into play. “To me, they are all connected and cannot be separated. I've been connected to art and fashion since a young age. They are my passion and a way to express my emotions.” 


She also explores old films and editorials to inspire her work, while a list of style icons – many of which she shares with Reiss’ creative team – gives us a better understanding of her philosophy. 


“I always look to the Olsen twins, Christine Centenera and Emmanuelle Alt, but my influences also include a mix of Carolyn Bessette, Jane Birkin and Lauren Hutton. The icon in life will have to be my mom, no doubt.” 

Marcella Dress



Onboard with the emerging ‘buy better’ movement, Débora believes the recent changes to our lives have already influenced the world of style. “People will prioritise timeless pieces and wardrobes will be more curated. But I also believe there will be two sides: a more minimal style and a powerful and statement route.” 

Sophie Trench Coat, Tereza T-Shirt, Lakely Jeans

Tereza T-Shirt, Sophie Trench Coat, Tereza T-Shirt, Lakely Jeans and Finley Trainers



Aside from the clear aesthetic identification, Débora appreciates the uncompromising work that goes into each Reiss garment. It fits perfectly. The pieces are classic: timeless with a twist. They are so me. The focus on quality and detail are the main values that I shared with the brand.” 


“I wanted to create down to earth, real everyday looks,” she explains. The pieces are timeless and totally my style, so it was easy to curate and put them together.”