Reiss Signatures: Menswear


A collection that celebrates our iconic creations.

An object, a look, a gesture, an expression or a habit that identify someone: signatures need no introductions, no excuses and no alibis.

At Reiss, our signature styles shape the image of our brand. These time-transcending classics are well known and recognisable globally. Our customers wear them season after season, and they never lose their appeal.

The Pike Suede Jacket, The Caine Roll Neck

Done in house-famous silhouettes and sticking to a strict palette of soft neutrals and classic hues, Reiss’ signatures are:

The Florida Suede Shirt

The Suede Jacket

The Suede Jacket has become a Reiss calling card over the seasons. Suede - aside from its luxurious texture - takes colour incredibly well. House customers collect Reiss-coloured suede jackets, embracing new and recent-season hues as their daily style statement.

The Cain Roll Neck (Coming Soon)

The Roll-Neck

Polo necks have been a Reiss calling card for years. A look that perfectly embodies our 1970s-inflected aesthetic, this piece is perfect worn on its own or underpinning our sharp tailoring for a sleek look.

The Nether Suit (Coming Soon), The Cain Roll Neck

The Tailored Suit

The Tailored suit – worn professionally or socially – is a Reiss signature. We like it as an ensemble or pulled apart as separates - which is how a modern suit should perform. With subtle updates to tap current desires, we keep the look of our tailoring classically elegant, which means live through many seasons without losing their appeal.

The Maldini Overshirt

The Overshirt

Signatures need no introductions, no excuses and no alibis. For Reiss, the overshirt is one such signature – a masculine investment piece, time-transcending and stylishly reliable for all manner of outfits. Pictured is our Maldini design; a corduroy, twin-pocket style that works buttoned-up or open and is, above all, always effortlessly cool.

We invite you to discover our signatures, choosing the items that may become your signature looks.