Streets Ahead


We take our AW19 collection to the capital’s pavements as an ode to street style and its British beginnings

One of the most enduring phenomena of the last decade, street style has with quiet assurance cemented its position as a pillar of modern-day fashion. Birthing a love-hate relationship with the industry, its beginnings inspired what could justly be described as revulsion among the fashion snobs, which gave way to a bemused beguilement before Instagram came along and changed street style forever. Regardless, fashion has a ten-year obsession with the “trend” that, thus far, has never gone out of style.

First capturing attention in 2007 courtesy of The Sartorialist - a blog created by Scott Schuman to showcase his photographs of attendees at Milan’s Spring 2007 men’s collection - street style quickly evolved to the pavements of every fashion week around the globe, where editors, retailers, models and early adopters were papped head-to-toe in designer gear. Arguably, it is street style which introduced influencers and the idea of forming a lucrative business from style on social media. It’s of no surprise then that even today street style still provokes an eye roll or two. Here at Reiss, though, we look to it for inspiration. Shot a quick step from our London headquarters, we showcase some of the Autumn/Winter ’19 collection among the stirring streets of the capital…

Part of the charm of street style is its poetic congruence of effortlessness and effort. “How easy it all looks,” you may say, but truth be told there is a certain consideration that goes into pulling off that sartorial nonchalance. For those looking to best emulate this mood on their own Instagrams, there are a few quick wins to take note of…

Tonal Dressing

Dressing in multiple shades of the same colour is an instant style “like”. For those not yet brave enough to layer white on white on white, play within a palette of a particular colour. Pink, for example, will sit alongside tones of berry and bordeaux nicely as will blue once worn with navy.


Another quick fix for emulating the street-style stars of social media, classic layering has always shone bright on the city pavements. For men, an overshirt is the modern equivalent of the cardigan, adding a touch of depth to the classic white T and denim look. For women, the blazer is the sharpest tool in the layering box, awarding your looks, whether you opt for a cami and trousers or a knitted dress, a smartly chic finish.


Where else to showcase your new-season prints than on one of the city’s Instagrammable streets? The stony palette of the streets makes for an easy backdrop for prints to stand out. For that peak autumnal grid moment, prints with pops of orange tones work beautifully. The rollneck peeping out of the dress’s neckline will add a aspirational cosy feel to your picture. For men? Try a checked overshirt – again, with some pop of burnt orange tones – and voila: you’re already halfway to a seasonal street style aesthetic.

The key to street style is to understand its British origins and, more importantly, its celebration of individualism. Yes, take inspiration from what you come across on social media and online roundups of the latest fashion weeks, but remember to put your own spin on it, which could be as simple as how you tuck a shirt or whether you like to expose white socks under formal attire.

Photography: Kat Irlin
Models: Marcus Sivyer & Solange Smith
Styling: Melissa Tarling
Hair/MUA: Claudio Belizario