Discover the 5 menswear must-haves which will instantly improve your summer wardrobe


Men who live anywhere in the world which doesn’t enjoy continuously fine weather know just how tricky it is to dress well during the summer. Yes, summer may (more or less) arrive at the same time each year, but for those accustomed to preparing for the worst year round the sudden increase in temperature can lead to a proportionate decrease in ability to dress well. Hot, bothered and in the dark dressing; not a good look.

All but the most style blind men will now be aware that the unholy trinity of board shorts, flip-flops and a vest are to be avoided at all costs. However, what to wear in their place is a little trickier to get a handle on. It’s ironic. The season that touts itself as easy, laid-back and effortless is in reality a hot and sticky minefield of mismatched fabrics and lengths. The trouble is, most men just aren’t well-equipped enough for basking (or baking) in the sun.

Here are 5 SS17 essentials which should form the backbone of your wardrobe, just let the rest fall into place.


Espadrilles have a bit of a chequered history. Once gracing the feet of movie stars on yachts in the Riviera, espadrilles are now more likely to be seen looking slightly worse for wear on the feet of those looking for a smarter alternative to flip flops in the city.

Espadrilles are a summer essential however; unlike sneakers they’re pure unadulterated summer in character and are surprisingly versatile. Find more ideas in our collection of men's casual shoes, but make sure that you get off on the right foot by avoiding traditional woven designs in favour of suede or leather for a more upmarket take on an old favourite.


Ever since Daniel Craig’s Bond arose from the water in Casino Royale, menswear aficionados everywhere knew that for swim shorts the ante had well and truly been upped. No longer were baggy board shorts which ballooned upon impact with water acceptable, tailored swim shorts were the new standard-bearer.

And so it remains. Swim shorts which are cut slimline are preferable to masses of fabric. For those who are less body confident, shorts which sit mid-thigh are a more flattering alternative. Whatever you do, just don’t go below the knee.


Whether you take your cue from Gregory Peck’s Atticus Finch or John Lennon’s signature shades, round glasses for SS17 are the style conscious man’s go-to. A word of warning. Round sunglasses are more suited to those with angular, square or oval shaped faces, so if you have a rounder face look away now.

Whether you go vintage (tortoiseshell), modern (crystal clear) or classic (black) is up to you.


For those men attuned to the whims of menswear, the Cuban collar shirt is nothing new, having enjoyed pride of place in men’s summer wardrobes for the past few years. That doesn’t mean that the Cuban collar shirt is passé however. Quite the opposite. While many men seem wedded to their polo shirt, the Cuban collar shirt continues to be the style savvy choice in men's shirts.

Whether you wear with chinos or shorts, go block coloured or printed, the Cuban collar shirt should be your first port of call for classic summer style. Even better, you can wear one under a suit.


When summer hits tailoring gets pushed to the back of the wardrobe in favour of more relaxed pieces, left to the mercy of moths. However, there is a place for tailoring in the stylish man’s summer wardrobe, you’ll just need to switch up your approach.

To state the obvious linen blend tailoring will serve you well, but for those who are wrinkle averse a buggy lined blazer is an essential. With enough lining to retain its shape, but enough ventilation to keep you cool, the buggy lined blazer should become your best friend for summer events and the office.