A man can never have too many outerwear options. Here we take 3 different designs and show you how to wear for 3 different days


For those men who love layering, the process of selecting the right winter coat is one that involves narrowing down a sizeable mental list populated with marginally different outerwear styles. For the rest, the process is much more fraught. Their mental checklist is not filled with numerous options, but is one large, looming question mark which threatens to leave them without adequate protection all winter long. Whichever camp you lie in, the truth is that though there are some coats that are incredibly versatile, the search for the one winter coat that rules them all is something of a sartorial holy grail. Different coats and jackets will serve different purposes for different occasions. As a rule of thumb, every man should have at the very least three outerwear options to choose from to suit his needs; one long, one mid-length and one jacket. Here are three very different styles, for three very different days worn in three very different ways.


As we inch ever closer towards party season, there’s simply no good excuse for not possessing a wool overcoat. No other outerwear style looks as good worn over a tuxedo (or work tailoring for that matter). Navy, black and camel wool overcoats are all failsafe options, and if you’ve already got one of the aforementioned in your outerwear collection, we urge to take yours with the design amped up. Subtle polka dots and peaked lapels should be your first ports of call, then simply slip on over tailoring when you’re heading out to social engagements.


If you haven’t got at least one black leather jacket for evenings out, you really should invest. Speaking of investment, if you choose the right black leather jacket, you won’t need to worry about replacing it for years. Those who are worried about pulling off the style should find comfort in the fact that it’s pretty hard to go wrong with styling once you’ve found the perfect style (slim, minimal hardwear detail is a good place to start). Despite this, if you forced us to choose, we’d always favour monochromatic styling. That means a black or white knit, black trousers and a pair of solid Chelsea boots. Subtle, understated and unfussy Saturday night dressing.


No matter how good any given style of outerwear looks, it should above all be practical and a funnel collar coat undoubtedly has utility at the heart of its design. After all, what could be more conducive to keeping out that cold than a reassuringly stiff fold of fabric which shields the neck? Even better, the funnel neck coat looks perhaps at its best when paired with a rollneck or turtleneck jumper. Whether you opt for jeans and sneakers or chinos and Chelsea boots, the funnel neck collar coat is a must-have for brisk weekend walks.