1971 x Diego Barrueco


Cool, contemporary and considered, see the 1971 collection modelled by menswear influencer Diego Barrueco

Retaining all the quality and craftsmanship of the mainline range, the 1971 capsule collection offers a more directional take on Reiss menswear. You’ll find the same design principles you’d expect from our primary offering, but you’ll also find experimental fabrics, details, patterns and shapes. The collection is a culmination of all of the influences and techniques which have resonated with our design team this season.

For AW16 we recruited menswear influencer and model, Diego Barrueco, to showcase the 1971 collection. As one of a generation of young people harnessing the power of social media to cultivate their own distinct aesthetic - and embodying the collection’s core character - the Spanish-born model was a natural choice to front this season’s campaign. Below discover the highlights of AW16’s 1971 collection as worn by Diego Barrueco.