What To Wear On New Year’s Eve


We list the best outfits of the season and the events to wear them for


Just when you thought the festive party season was over, up pops another event and it’s not even one you can claim you didn’t have time to prep for. New Year’s Eve is (like it or not) a big deal and even if you’re set to stay in and do nothing, it still counts as a plan. We take a look at the types of event invites that you might have been offered and what to wear to each.

The Invite: Pub Drinks

Perhaps the most likely way of celebrating on the list and one that’s always an option even if you’re still yet to decide what you want to do even this late in the game, pub drinks are an easy win and a great opportunity to wear something you feel comfortable in, too.  

The Dress Code: Understated but with a little festive cheer
Elevate your every day by mixing up styling options to sit in line with the celebration. A metallic tank top, for example, spells out effortless cool when styled simply with black denim and a leather jacket instead of a skirt and a touch of faux fur will add texture in the most fashion-focused way. How dressed-up you look is all down to footwear here… strappy heels say ‘night out’ but backless mules keep things a little more understated.

The Accessories:
Oversized scarves are the way forward for a casual night in the pub and a faux fur option blurs the line between cosy and fashion-focused. Wear it to keep covered outside if you’re wearing a scoop-neck top and layer a trophy necklace or a statement choker underneath for when you de-layer by the warmth of an open fire.

The Invite: Dinner Party
A small affair with close friends or family, typically more elevated than any other Saturday night dinner party, usually surrounded by festive décor, sometimes inclusive of sparklers. NB: Get prepped to go outside at some point to watch any local fireworks that might be taking place.

The Dress Code: Fancy, but with eating allowances
There’s little more appropriate for a New Year’s Eve dinner party than the one piece wonder that is the black jumpsuit. A touch more sophisticated than your go-to little black dress but similarly as elevated, it’s the kind of outfit choice that guarantees comfort and style in equal measure, which is the only information we need post festive indulgence and December social schedule.

The Accessories:
Accessories are the simplest way to elevate this look as it needs little by way of additional layering if you’re set to be staying inside for the rest of the evening. Towering heels are a possibility – you’ll not be far from a chair throughout the night – and they’ll make the biggest impact.

The Invite: Night In
Whether you’re ordering a take-away and watching the fireworks on television or you’re planning to open a bottle and reminisce on the year just gone, nothing says contented more than staying in on New Year’s Eve.

The Dress Code: Ultimate downtime
Channel a casual-cool mood in oversized knits and loose-fitting trousers – ‘tis the season to feel homely after all. But staying in doesn’t have to mean pyjamas and a dressing gown. It’s a red letter day after all so whilst you’ll want to be comfortable, keep in mind that this is the first outfit you’ll be wearing in 2018 so set the intention for a stylish year ahead. Make a statement knit and velvet trousers your calling card and settle in for an evening of good cheer.

The Accessories:
If you’re feeling particularly fancy then earrings are a strong option but in the interest of effortlessness, keep an oversized knitted scarf on reserve to use as a blanket.

The Invite: The Cocktail Bar
The winning option for those who favour a side of glamour with their New Year’s celebrations. Expect champagne receptions, loud music, a fashion-focused crowd and surcharge cab fares – all contributing to make the 31st December a night to remember.

The Dress Code: City-cool
…but with more impact. If there was ever an excuse to wear your favourite statement cocktail dress then this is it. Delivering an instant dose of eclectic-cool, an abstract print will not only ensure you stand out in the crowd but it offers a weather-appropriate way to wear colour. Drape oversized outerwear over your shoulders and where possible, choose a style in a tone that will complement your dress, and wear classic black heels to keep things grounded.

The Accessories:
Whilst we’ve already covered off shoes, the bag you choose for a night such as this holds equal gravitas for so many reasons. Size is obviously a key consideration, as is practicality, especially if your destination of choice has a dancefloor. A mini cross-body with an optional strap is a sure winner, not just for New Year’s Eve but for life in general.

The Invite: The Black Tie Event
The dressiest invite of them all, the black-tie event is arguably one of the easiest to dress for. Why? Because there’s no such thing as too much and if you’re a fan of a more understated approach then there’s always a classic black dress to ensure you’re styled appropriately.

The Dress Code:  Polished, classic, but with a contemporary twist
Firstly, if you’re going all out for New Year’s Eve then good for you and secondly, we recommend mimicking the tone of the event with your dress code – because is there really any other likely time to celebrate all that’s seasonal than now? Take a leaf out of the gentleman’s codebook and go for razor-sharp tailoring, namely a navy tux with satin lapels, and add cocktail jewellery for a party-ready take on power dressing.

The Accessories:
It’s easy to go overboard on accessories when you’re wearing black because it adds a touch of glamour to an otherwise muted colour palette. Stick to just one piece of jewellery but make it a statement style and add a slick of bold lipstick to complete the look.