Three Ways To Improve Your Skin


Our Menswear Editor tests three Shiseido products that promise to refresh and protect the skin

A well-crafted wardrobe is essential to the modern man who takes pride in his appearance, but an ace affinity for style will only get you so far if your skin isn’t on top form. Men’s grooming has evolved in the last decade, which is reflected by an industry now valued at $50 billion, but with this has come the introduction of thousands of different products promising thousands of different solutions to our daily skincare issues.

From complexion to protection, maintaining facial hydration is important, especially with the fast pace and stress of day-to-day living. As men’s skin is thicker than women’s – approximately ten per cent thicker, in fact – and more prone to oiliness too, moisturising regularly is vital to re-energising a dull and fatigued appearance.

Much like an classic tailored suit, finding the right skincare for you is all about research. Shiseido, which has been pioneering luxury skincare for more than 140 years, blends technology and science to deliver premium and practical products designed to combat the problem areas of men’s skin. I tested three of their men’s skincare products to see if they would improve my skin’s condition.

Hydro Master Gel

A problem area for men’s skin, including my own, is excessive oiliness which occurs as a result of oil-producing sebaceous glands and male hormones. While the production of sebum works to protect the skin’s surface and prevent premature ageing, too much of it can result in breakouts and a greasy T-zone. As a daily moisturiser, Shiseido’s Hydro Master Gel is the best of both worlds: it penetrated the surface of my skin to tackle dry patches, excessive oil and reduce large pores, all while delivering a refreshingly cool feeling to my face and neck. Formulated with Hydro Master Technology to promote the production of natural moisture, the gel absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling reinvigorated and protected for the day ahead.

Total Revitalizer Cream

I’ve always been sceptical of anti-ageing creams or anything that markets itself as being able to reduce the signs of ageing, but Shiseido’s Total Revitalizer is unlike anything I’ve tried before. Living in London, my skin is susceptible to daily damage (as anyone who has ever had the misfortune to travel on the tube during rush hour will understand), so I’m always aware of how lifeless my skin can look after a particularly busy week. After just one week of “training” (this cream is like a gym for your skin), Total Revitalizer – pardon the cliché – brought it back to life. The high-performance cream improved the strength and firmness of my skin and restored my complexion, replacing dull patches with a natural, healthy glow. It smells great, too. Suited to all skin types, I opted to use Total Revitalizer as a night cream. I recommend you allow this ultra-lightweight cream to absorb into the skin naturally by applying gently first before using spiral motions to lift the skin and allow the cream embed into the skin.

Total Revitalizer Eye

If you’re like me and you spend your day staring at screens – your work desktop, your phone, the latest Netflix series before bed in the evening – your eyes are feeling it by the end of the day. A big betrayer of age and tiredness, it’s important not to neglect them when it comes to looking after your skin. Step in, Shiseido’s Total Revitalizer eye cream, which mimics the cosmetic procedure of Hyaluronic Acid injections to reduce wrinkles and sag and deliver 24-hour moisture to the skin. My eyes felt immediately renewed after application and there was a noticeable decrease in the presence of those pesky dark circles after continued use. The best part: it applies smoothly and doesn’t leave a greasy finish, which I experienced with other eye creams. I used twice a day, morning and night, to ensure my eyes were constantly protected.

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