As Paris Fashion Week launches, we talk to resident and blogger, Audrey Rogers, about what the week looks likes to a local

Audrey Rogers, author of fashion and lifestyle blog, Be Frassy, is based between her Barcelona home and an apartment in Paris, so she’s no stranger to Fashion Week. This season, we’ve been invited inside her Parisian home during the event to see first-hand what it’s like for a blogger during the industry’s most coveted month. We look a little closer at her style choices and ask the all-important questions surrounding where to go in Paris.

1. Describe your personal style in three words.

Subdued, spontaneous and ever-evolving.

2. How is this reflected within your interior choices?

About a year ago, I abandoned all bright colours and decided to opt exclusively for earth tones and monochrome within my style choices. It seems that as I have matured, my style has toned down. I feel more sophisticated. I think that this new scheme is certainly echoed within my home décor choices. I decorated subtly and with colour consistency in the hope that it would create a calming atmosphere.

3. Does your style (both fashion and interior) differ from city to city or is there a recognisable consistency?

I'd say there is definitely a recognisable consistency. What I like to wear isn't as flexible as it once was and the same goes for how I decorate my homes. That said, Barcelona is a very casual city so I find myself far more inclined to dress down here than in Paris. Paris is where the more glamorous side of my wardrobe comes out to play.

4. You travel around Europe a lot – what do you never get on a plane without?

An almost ridiculous amount of water, healthy snacks that I prepare at home and at least 2 books, typically more. I have an inexplicable anxiety that I'll run out of material to read so I pack an entire stack of books to take on any flight.

5. What is your favourite item in your home?

All of my framed photos and prints; they all remind me of something special and I have an emotional attachment to every one.

6. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in your apartment in Paris?

Collapse onto the sofa momentarily. Paris, unlike Barcelona, is expensive transport-wise. I dislike the metro but I would go bankrupt if I didn't ride it so I rest after the exhausting effort that public transport usually is.

7. Talk us through your morning routine on a typical Fashion Week day.

I wake up around 7 am and stumble to my neighbourhood café for two enormous coffees. I take this time to check my email and assess the weather, which is always a possible hazard in Paris. Usually my outfit prep is non-existent as I prefer to dress on a whim but during PFW I have every ensemble planned down to my underwear. These looks will be hanging and ready back in my apartment. Usually I avoid wearing makeup all day for the sake of my skin but with so many shoots and events throughout the week, this isn’t feasible, so I take extra care to hydrate and protect my skin, applying an extra amount of moisturiser and primer. As for breakfast, I'm never hungry in the morning but I use France as an ongoing excuse to indulge so I'll most likely grab a croissant or three to share with my assistant. We will eat these on the street – mostly because we are busy but also because there is something quite lovely about eating a croissant on a Parisian street.

8. What are your top 3 essentials (fashion or otherwise) for Fashion Week?

My Canon 5D camera, an iPhone and sneakers (which I slip on whenever the heels begin to hurt).

9. What tips would you give anyone attending PFW for the first time?

Be kind and be curious. It is a vibrant time for the city and in my opinion, it’s the best Fashion Week out of the four. There is so much to absorb. Take it all in.

10. What trends will you be working into your outfits this season?

With autumn upon us, I plan to embrace warmer colours and this season I’ll be wearing a lot of terracotta and maroon shades.

11. Talk us through your outfit for the day.

I love a woman in a suit. There is nothing more empowering, clothing-wise. I wanted to channel Jenna Lyons but instead of navy or blue I choose this beautiful, unexpected colour for a suit.

12. Who would you consider to be your ultimate fashion inspiration?

That's a difficult choice, but it’s a close tie between my namesake, Audrey Hepburn, and Jane Birkin. I really prioritize sophistication and both of these women define that aspiration within their style choices.

13. What shows are you most excited to see this season?

Sonia Rykiel for sure, or the sweater queen as I prefer to call her. A few seasons ago, in line with her show, she converted her entire Saint Germain flagship store into a library and as a book lover, it was probably the best visual merchandising I have ever seen.

14. Where would you recommend for a fashion-friendly lunch, complete with people watching?

Cafe Marly, tucked up inside the courtyard of the Louvre. Light, delicious food and a terrace ideal for watching people run to and from shows.

15. Where does the best post-show cocktail in Paris?

Hotel Costes is the absolute best and it’s the perfect pit-stop after a browse of the boutiques that line Rue Saint Honore.

16. How do you wind down after a hectic day of shows and meetings?

I really relish time alone so I'll usually grab an early dinner with a friend or two and then unwind back in my apartment, editing photos with a glass of wine.

17. What does life look like the week after Fashion Week?

Post Fashion Week brings endless days of photo editing. With so many projects to shoot during the week and little time to do any deep editing, I'll essentially become a hermit and catch up on refining my content to publish online.