The Best Places To Visit This Summer


Still not booked a far flung holiday? We've rounded up the best places to go this summer

We love summer as much as the next sun-starved Brit, but as great as trips to the coast, bustling beer gardens and barbecues with varying levels of success are, a complete break from normality (away from these rain-afflicted isles) is non-negotiable during summer.

From undeniably appealing white sandy beaches to city living at its hottest, discover the best places to go this summer for life away from the ordinary.


Located in the tropics, Puerto Rico is an island that never really cools, sitting comfortably in the mid twenties for the majority of the year. Though the island is officially U.S territory, its culture and way of life reflects a rich and varied heritage which can be glimpsed in its hotchpotch of customs, architecture and cuisine. What’s more, it’s perfect for those who really can’t (or won’t) pigeonhole their holiday. Whether you want to head for the city, the rainforest, the mountains or the beach, you’re never too far from the next dramatic change of pace. Predictable, Puerto Rico is not.


Unlike capital city San Juan’s Miami-esque main hub, the neighbouring Old Town district offers a taste of the city’s (perfectly preserved) colonial past. Head to the coast to see Castillo San Felipe del Morro - a 16th century citadel with views of expansive blue waters - or simply meander through row after row of brightly coloured buildings.


With endless stretches of pristine white sandy beaches, a gratifyingly stubborn year-round average temperature of 30 degrees and crystal clear waters, the Maldives is about as close to textbook tropical paradise as it's possible to get. As each one of the country's 1,192 coral islands is as Instagrammable as the next, wherever you head there's a surplus of natural beauty (all of which comes bookended by vividly blue sky and sea). There's no bad time to go and no underwhelming place to see in the Maldives.


Where does one stay when surrounded by epic beaches, barrier reefs and towering palm trees? Cocoa Island is a pretty wise choice. The resort is arranged into 33 villas which sit above the water on a gangway that links back to this intimately small island's heart.

Though this minuscule piece of land plonked in the middle of the Indian Ocean may seem immune from the reaches of modern life, it boasts a 25 meter infinity-edge swimming pool, a water-sports centre, its own restaurant and bar, and crucially it has complimentary Wi-Fi for those who aren't quite ready to familiarise themselves with a non-digital existence. Perhaps the greatest of pleasures this island has to offer - and the simplest - is watching the sun set over the ocean.


Located just off the west coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are Spanish territory, so technically speaking can lay claim to having the most holiday-friendly weather in Europe. Though the islands are often thought of as a complete entity, each island boasts its own unique identity, history and local peoples. You'll no doubt be familiar with this archipelago's main islands, but a little foraging off the beaten tourist path reveals a surprising amount of natural diversity, dramatic scenery and things to see and do beyond the holiday clichés.


Though this island may be well known for its package holidays and sanitised sunshine, in reality on the majority of Lanzarote a treasure trove of natural beauty awaits, with a dramatic volcanic backdrop in pretty much every direction you turn. If you don’t fancy sharing the sun with throngs of other holidaymakers, head for one of the island's northerly beaches to reap the rewards of the vistas at Lanzarote's farthest corners.