Pink is the new pink


The defining colour of 2017 shows no signs of
disappearing this new season

“Millennial pink”, that inescapable dusty-blush palate that made serious waves in fashion last year, is set to reign supreme in 2018, albeit in a more sophisticated manner. Yes, that soft, calming hue that featured on everything from high-end designer sneakers to iPhone cases to the interiors of London’s trendy restaurants is set to continue its dominance through 2018. The colour pink is a somewhat contentious issue in men’s fashion: it’s either ridiculed as emasculating, which is a ridiculous notion in modern society, or it’s seen as a juvenile colourway best left to the cool kids who frequent Shoreditch’s many, many pop ups. But pink in general is a flattering tone to wear – especially for men.

Whether you buy into trends or not, investing in pink is a good idea for the new season. Not only does it tick off your style credentials, it will also serve purpose as a long-lasting wardrobe staple. Embraced last year by the likes of Drake and Tom Hiddleston, expect to see pink’s influence extend this year. So, with that in mind, we have picked three pink pieces for you to consider. Go on, try something new.

The Shirt


If you don’t already own a pink shirt now’s the time to make space in your wardrobe for one. Think smart and opt for a formal, slim-fit style. Pink is a subtle way of enhancing your workwear while also breaking up the monotony of white or blue shirts that carry you through Monday to Friday. Beyond that, it pairs seamlessly with a range of colours – complimenting black, navy and grey to select just a few – and it adds a little more adventure to suiting. Add an understated tie and voilà: you’ve just taken your first stylish steps into one of 2018’s big colour trends.

The Jumper


Now that you’ve warmed to the pink shirt, it’s time to consider the colour from a more casual perspective. A pink jumper is an accessible garment that can be adapted to suit a range of styles. The oversized pink jumper was particularly popular in 2017, but we recommend a more structured silhouette for the new season. For the weekend, wear it over slim-fit jeans and finish with white sneakers. If you prefer a more smart-casual approach, opt for trousers and Chelsea boots. With both styles it’s a good idea to keep the trousers dark and understated to ensure a strong colour balance.

The Trousers


One-stop short of the pink suit that was adorned by many male celebrities last year and one for the more sartorially-conscious man, pink trousers are more “statement” but a seriously cool addition to the trend. The trick to nailing this one is to choose a light shade and tone down the formality by pairing the trousers with sneakers and a T-shirt or casual knit. Keep the ends slightly cropped for extra marks. And there you have it: now you’re in the pink on, er, styling the colour pink.