The Most Fashionable Cities in the World


Planning your summer escape? Grab your passport as we reveal the destinations that command their own unique dress codes. Make sure you pack accordingly…

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This coastal town on the French Riviera has long attracted a glamorous, jet-set crowd. Drawn in by the ivory beaches and crystal aquamarine waters, it’s still as much of a millionaire’s playground now as it was when sartorial and screen icons like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin made it their stomping ground in the 1960s. When visiting, play up the timeless, je ne sais quoi glamour that the city embodies in classic shapes with a vintage twist.


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While this Greek island might have gained notoriety for its A-list fans and all-year festival vibes, Mykonos has become more famous in recent months for being an idyllic paradise than party retreat. Capturing the essence of St-Tropez-meets-Ibiza, both residents and guests embrace the glamorous dress code with zero fashion fear. Mix metallic tones with crisp whites to mimic the scenic surroundings and make sure to perfect your beach-to-bar wardrobe.



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This concrete jungle is where fashion dreams are made. New Yorkers boast an attitude (both in their work life and wardrobes) that is unmatched anywhere in the world. Not afraid of clashing colourways or look-at-me patterns, style in the big apple is all about taking big risks. Tailor your outfit choices accordingly with looks that make a serious statement on the sidewalk. Your New York state of mind? No look is off-limits.



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No city does laidback luxe quite like Sydney. A bustling economic and business hub with postcard-perfect beaches, Sydney residents have flawlessly mastered the balance of high-low styling. Pairing polished, structured cuts with relaxed accessories and the mood to match, their vibe is all about effortless elegance. A wardrobe motto you can mimic in soft pastels, tailored separates and easy denim. 


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The birthplace of many iconic style movements from decades past, London’s achingly cool outlook makes it the perfect backdrop to option a new sartorial viewpoint. Take advantage of the temperamental weather in oversized outerwear, especially in heritage prints and keep your colour palette on the more muted side. Whether you sway towards a more prim and proper aesthetic or favour a punk rock sensibility, the capital’s dress codes cater to all wardrobe whims.


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A hive for game-changing trends and avant-garde styling, Japan’s capital has a well-earned reputation for being at the nucleus of fresh fashion directives. Blending elements of the ultra-modern and the traditional, Tokyo adopts a totally original approach to style with many of its residents championing their individuality. Take your cues from their fearless approach to fashion in high-octane colours, prints and bold accessories. ​